IOT Course

"Are you a passionate young individual? Are you a creative tech enthusiast? Do you love problem-solving? Do you want to have the power to change the world? If "yes" to all of these, then “Beginner Course in Arduino, Robotics & IoT” is for you!"
Here is the chance for you to enroll yourself in the “Beginner Course in Arduino, Robotics & IoT” conducted by Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd. for free of charge. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and IoT have become the game changer in the world with the evolution of technology.   Don’t miss this opportunity to receive an introductory knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, IoT and similar smart technologies where you will be able to develop practical solutions using the technology. A stable Internet connection and a laptop/computer is all what you need to have to follow the course.
Basic Course Details:
  • Course provider - Mobitel has partnered with Magicbit (Pvt) Ltd to deliver this course
  • Conducted as online workshops with practical sessions 
  • 8 days with 2 hours per each session, Total course: 16 hours 
  • Number of participants per group: Maximum – 25, Minimum – 15
  • Flexibility of selecting your preferred language to learn in the workshop i.e. Sinhala, English or Tamil
  • Number of slots available in the course – 100
  • Selection criteria -  Based on age limit and answers provided in the registration process which will evaluate your interest and basic knowledge
What will you learn?
Day 1: Introduction to Smart Technologies 
Day 2: Basic Electronics & Programming 
Day 3: Microcontroller Programming 
Day 4: Communication Protocols 
Day 5: Sensors & Actuators 
Day 6: Introduction to Robotics 
Day 7: Introduction to Internet of Things 
Day 8: Solution Design 
Every session will include practical self-learning activities with the Magicbit kit.
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