Previous Basic Package (Before 15th July 2010)

Tariff Plan for Calls

Outgoing Voice/Video 1stMinute 2ndminute 3rdminute Onwards
To 2 MBF Numbers** Rs. 1.00 75 cents 50 cents
To Other Mobitel Numbers* Rs. 2.00   Rs. 1.25    50 cents
To Any Other Local Numbers*       Rs. 2.50   Rs. 2.25    Rs. 2.00

Tariff Plan for SMS & MMS

To 2 MBF Numbers** 10 cents Rs. 2.00
To Other Mobitel Numbers* 25 cents Rs. 2.00
To Any Other Local Numbers* 25 cents Rs. 5.00
To Overseas Numbers Rs. 5.00 Rs. 10.00
GPRS (Up/Downlink speeds up to 1Mbps) 1 cent per 10kB  

All Incoming Voice/Video calls are free
*10% SMART Bonus Discount applies after the 1st Year.
*20% SMART Bonus Discount applies after the 2nd Year.
However this will be subject to:

  • A minimum outgoing call charge of 50 cents per minute to Mobitel Numbers and
  • Rs.2 per minute to any other local number

** To Nominate any two Mobitel Numbers as M Best Friend (MBF) Call 141 and Press 5.
Please note:
All rates are subject to Government taxes and levies. Conditions apply.

  • All Local Calls will be charged on per minute basis
  • SMS and MMS are charged on per message basis
  • All Existing SMART users Type 'ACT' and SMS to '7474' for free activation of this package