Self Help PIN

1. What is Self Help PIN

Is a Personal Identification Number consist of 6 numerical characters issued against Mobitel number to its user?

2. Who can register for Self Help PIN service?

Both Prepaid & Postpaid customers can register for Self Help PIN

3. How can I register for Self Help PIN service?

Simply dial #171# and follow the given instructions.

4. Is there an option to add a preferred PIN?

Yes. You can create your own PIN by following instructions provided in #171#

5. What will happen if you forget the PIN?

You can simply dial #171# and reset your PIN by following given instructions.

6. What are the services that can be accessed via PIN?

a. Easy verification when connecting to an agent through hot line.

b. Replace lost or damaged SIM from nearest location.

c. Upgrade SIM card to a 4G SIM card

d. Change of billing address

e. Change of package

f. Request for detailed bills

g. Request for bill copies

h. Service reconnection and temporarily suspension

i. Activation of detailed bill facility

7. Is there a validity period for Self Help PIN issued by Mobitel?

PIN will not expire. So, there is no validity added to the PIN.

8. Are there any additional charges applied for activating of Self-Help PIN?

No. Self Help PIN is provided Free to Mobitel customers


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