USD 40 weekly unlimited roaming plan

USD 40 weekly unlimited roaming plan

1. What is Mobitel 40$ Daily Unlimited Roaming Plans?
This plan offers Mobitel postpaid customers to use unlimited data, M2M Calls and SMS while roaming for just USD40 (14 Days).
2. Package Summary:


Outgoing calls to SL (M2M)


Outgoing SMS to SL




Outgoing calls to SL (M2O)

40 Minutes

Outgoing calls (National)

40 Minutes

Incoming calls

40 Minutes

** Any service other than the above package bundle including will be charged for standard rates.

3. How does the charging apply?
  • Customer will be charged USD 40 per weekin the listed destinations.
  • Daily charging reset time from 12.00.00 am to 11.59.59 pm (24hrs) Sri Jayewardenepura time Sri Lanka.
4. How can I activate this service?

How to Activate via #999#

  • Dial #999#
  • Select option 7. USD 40 Unlimited Weekly Roaming Plan
  • Select option 1. Activation

Other activation Options

  • Use Mobitel Self-care App
  • Dial #999*40#
5. How can I deactivate this service?

How to deactivate

  • Dial #999#
  • Select option 7. USD 40 Unlimited Weekly Roaming Plan
  • Select option 2. Deactivation
6. Where can I activate the package?
  • Thispackage can be activated while in Sri Lanka or roaming.
7. What are the notifications received when the plan is activated/deactivated?

Activation SMS:

  • Dear customer, USD40 unlimited Weekly roaming plan has been activated. Please restart your device! Kindly note that the data roaming plan usage and billing cycle will be reset at 12AM, Sri Jayewardenepura time every day. T&C apply.

Deactivation SMS:

  • USD40 Unlimited weekly roaming plan has been deactivated. You will be charged for standard roaming rates or according to the package activated from now onwards!
8. Whatare the other plans/packages that a customer can or can’t use with this plan?
  • Customers can activate One rate roaming or unlimited data plans along with this 40$ weekly unlimited roaming package.
9. How do I get charge if I have activated both 40$ unlimited roaming plan and Unlimited data plan simultaneously
  • In a country where both plans are availableand customer has activated, he will be charged USD 40 per week(Priority will be given to 40$ unlimited roaming plan) and offered unlimited data, voice and SMS.
  • n a country where only unlimited data plan (5$ daily or 50$ monthly) is available, customer will be charged only USD 5or USD 50$ (Activated pkg rental) for unlimited data roaming plan. In this country, customer will only be eligible to use unlimited data and will be charged for voice and SMS with the standard/ one rate charging.
10. What are the countries where USD40 Unlimited weekly roaming plan is available?

Country list is dynamic & hence please use below options for details:

  • Use Mobitel website or Self-care App
  • Call Mobitel roaming hotline 0714555555
  • Email us at