25% Cashback on Utility Bills via mCash

1. What is this offer?
This is special promotion where customers who make payments for Utility bills received for electricity and water can get cashback upto 25% when paying via mCash app or USSD menue.
2. How does the Cashback offer work?
Customers should pay their CEB, LECO or Water bills through mCash (App or USSD menu) to be eligible for this offer.
  • Electricity Bills - CEB & LECO Bills: Minimum payment Rs. 3000
  • Water Bills: Minimum payment Rs. 1000
  • Eligible customers will be selected at the end of the particular month.
  • Maximum Cashback amount per customer/Per Month is Rs.250
  • 400 selected customers will be eligible to receive cashback at the end of each month in total (Electricity & Water)
  • Only one payment from a customer will be considered for this offer per month.
  • Customers will not receive cashback instantly.
3. What is the promotion duration?
Limited time offer from 15th September 2022 onwards.
4. What are the other Terms and Conditions of this promotion?
  • Customers are expected to use the promotion in good faith and if Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd identifies that a Customer is misusing the mCash promotion or if he/she is not adhering according to Fair User Policy, then the customer shall be suspended from enjoying the service as deemed necessary by Mobitel.
  • Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd reserves the right to conclude or change this offer at any time without prior notice.