3G Roaming

1. How do I activate 3G roaming on my SIM?
If you have voice roaming activated on your Post-Paid SIM you can use 3G roaming on our partner networks with your 3G handset. And you can take advantage of these benefits:

  • No registration
  • No additional deposits
  • No additional documentation
2. How do I use 3G roaming?
Select dual mode on your mobile phone (process of selection varies according to different handsets), to access 3G.
3. Do I get a separate detailed bill for 3G Roaming?
All your usage details including 3G roaming details are included in the same Post-Paid detailed bill.
4. How can I get details of network coverage, phone compatibility, charging information or any other assistance while roaming?
You can contact the Mobitel Roaming Hotline on +94 714 555 555 and obtain information.
5. How much do I get charged for a Video call in the roamed network?
Charges vary by network. For more details, contact the Mobitel Roaming Hotline on +94 714 555 555.