SLT-MOBITEL and Sri Lanka Railways revolutionize ticketing with E-Ticket and E-Warrant Solutions Fully-fledged Digital Solution for the First Time in Sri Lanka

SLT-MOBITEL and Sri Lanka Railways revolutionize ticketing with E-Ticket and E-Warrant Solutions  Fully-fledged Digital Solution for the First Time in Sri Lanka 

SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT Solutions Provider, in collaboration with Sri Lanka Railways, marked a significant milestone by successfully digitizing the ticket reservation process for both customers and government employees, ushering in a new era of convenience and efficiency. The new, fully-fledged digital system includes E-Ticket and E-Warrant solutions, symbolizing an important advancement in the modernization of railway services in Sri Lanka.

SLT-MOBITEL’s connection with Sri Lanka Railways goes back to 2009, where the company has been committed to driving digital transformation across various pillars in the transportation sector. Over the years, SLT-MOBITEL has delivered innovative solutions that have enhanced the efficiency of Sri Lanka Railways while improving the lives of Sri Lankans. Through these solutions, customers, tourists, and general commuters can conveniently book their railway tickets via the newly enhanced E-Ticketing solution. Further, government employees can enjoy an exclusive and convenient service through the E-Warrant solution.

Previously, commuters had to visit railway stations or designated outlets to obtain printed tickets after making an online reservation. However, with the introduction of E-Ticket, customers can now enjoy complete end-to-end solutions, from booking to obtaining the final ticket to their mobile, the entire reservation process is online, eliminating the need to visit railway stations or outlets or even the need for physical tickets. Upon confirming their booking, commuters receive an E-Ticket with a QR code on their smartphones, which can be seamlessly presented during their journey.

In addition, the E-Warrant system has revolutionized the reservation process for government employees. Previously, warrant holders had to physically visit railway stations to make reservations. However, now they can conveniently book their tickets online in advance. By providing their warrant details and receiving a reference number, government employees can complete the reservation process at any mTicketing-enabled station, ensuring a seamless experience.

The E-Ticket solution represents a significant step towards digitalization and a paperless environment, as customers can now enjoy a hassle-free experience, making reservations and embarking on their journeys with ease.

The E-Warrant system empowers government employees with 24/7 access to online reservations, saving time and effort. The initiative aligns with SLT-MOBITEL’s commitment to providing exceptional service and embracing digital transformation.

Additionally, SLT-MOBITEL’s implementation of E-Ticket and E-Warrant systems reflects its commitment to providing convenient, efficient, and advanced railway services for both commuters and government employees. The pioneering initiative by SLT-MOBITEL, together with Sri Lanka Railways, drives a digital revolution in the transportation sector, offering great prospects for Sri Lanka’s growing tourism sector and contributing towards the betterment of the national economy. 

Both the E-Ticket and E-Warrant solutions offer numerous benefits, including cost savings, transparency, and a tourist-friendly experience. SLT-MOBITEL and Sri Lanka Railways remain dedicated to continuously enhancing the travel experience for all commuters through innovative digital solutions.


Released date: 
Wednesday, March 20, 2024