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Tuesday, 12th February 2019

Mobitel broadens the country’s electronic payments landscape by introducing mCashQR   

In an effort to drive digital and financial inclusivity, Mobitel recently launched mCashQR, as an additional component to its mCash mobile app. By using a Quick Response (QR) code, users can make transactions with greater speed, ease and convenience. The mCash app allows customers to Top up, withdraw mCash and send cash to other users as well as make bill payments and purchase goods and services. The QR function simplifies the overall user experience for customers and retailers alike, enabling users to quickly scan a QR code and make the relevant transaction within a few seconds. The updated mCash mobile app can now be downloaded free of charge for Android and iOS mobile users, and within the next few weeks, mCashQR will be rolled out to over 16,000 mCash touch points island wide. mCashQR was developed as per the technical standard of EMVCo (Europay MasterCard Visa Contactless), a global standard, making it an easy transition to LankaQR which has been introduced by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka making the QR Code interoperable with other payment service providers.
Further mCash customers and merchants can create their own personalized QR code from the mobile app, by digitally embedding their wallet number and the transaction amount within the mCashQR code. In addition, the mCashQR code can be saved into a phone and can be shared among other recipients through email or social media networks. The mCashQR code can also be printed and displayed in various locations from a small vegetable or fruit seller to shopping malls, food outlets and elsewhere as a way of accepting payments. Whether the mCashQR belongs to a Retailer, Merchant or Bill Partner, the app will dynamically identify the mCashQR code and its functionality, and display the transactional function to the customer. Thereafter, by entering a PIN number and the transaction amount (if needed), the transaction will be completed, and the parties involved will be notified instantly via SMS.   
mCash is a Mobile Wallet conceptualized by the National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel and approved by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. It was launched in November 2013 capitalizing the telecommunication infra-structure to conveniently, instantly & securely enable financial transactions from the mobile phone. Mobitel embarked on the journey of providing financial services in the country allowing the entire financial industry to benefit from its core competitive advantages such as the reach to customers and the distribution network that has spread country-wide enabling Digital Financial Inclusion to every Sri Lankan.
mCash offers services such as Sending & Receiving Cash, Mobile Reloads & Bill Payments, Utility & Institute Payments, Online & Offline Shopping Payments, Bank Deposits and the newly launched Digital Loans where customers can apply & get a loan from the mobile via mCash. To register for mCash simply dial #111# from your Mobitel or Etisalat phone and to start using the mCash Account, Top Up the mCash account using the mCash extensive retailer network that includes small corner shops to leading retail outlets adding up to 16,000+ touch points island-wide including Mobitel Branches, SLT Teleshops, Singer showrooms, Abans showrooms, Keells Super outlets, Amana Bank, Sanasa Development Bank Branches or top up mCash from the Bank Account directly via the mCash smart phone app.
Wednesday, 6th February 2019

Mobitel’s unique Online Talent Search offers national spotlight for budding musicians  

 L-R - Suneth Haputhanthri – Senior Manager, Pre Paid Business and Digital Services, of Mobitel, Raj Thillaiyampalam – Music Producer and Isuru Dissanayake Senior General Manager – Marketing of Mobitel. 
Social Media and Youth influencers at the event
Further strengthening engagement with the nation’s youth, Mobitel, Sri Lanka’s national mobile service provider, has stepped forward to tap undiscovered musical talent in young and budding musicians by giving them a unique digital platform to showcase their prowess. Inspired by the idea that Sri Lanka has a strong talent pool, which is on par with any country in the world, Mobitel has devised an Online Talent Search to discover musicians and potential stars of the future. In the future, the company plans to focus on other talents besides music to give one and all a chance to share their unique talents. Mobitel’s Online Talent Search is an equitable, easy and accessible opportunity for every budding musician as long as they have a smartphone and talent waiting to be discovered. The exciting initiative was launched at the Mobitel Xstation amidst a vibrant gathering of social media influencers. 
Mobitel’s offer invites budding musicians to record an original composition in Sinhala, Tamil or English on their smartphone in a video format and send the video link to Mobitel via Facebook Messenger/Mobitel Website or email to The composition will then be judged by an independent panel of musical experts and then put to an SMS vote. One lucky winner will become an overnight sensation, as Mobitel will support the winner to produce and promote the song and video. The song will be listed on mTunes platform for customers to download. This will be an ideal stepping stone for musical talents to launch their career. The Online Talent Search by Mobitel is driven by the belief that Sri Lankan is talented and deserves a chance to bring it out to the world, and it is honoured to pave the way for them to realize their true potential. 
Social Media and Youth influencers at the event
Social Media and Youth influencers at the event
Friday, 25th January 2019

Mobitel mCash rewards AIA Insurance Wealth Planners with Fully-Paid Tour Packages to Thailand   

Chaminda Adikari (Associate Director, Agency - AIA), Kelum Senanayake (Director, Operations - AIA), Upul Wijesinghe (Deputy CEO - AIA), Kalhara Gamage (GM, Mobile Financial Services - Mobitel) and Pankaj Banerjee (CEO - AIA) awarding a lucky winner of AIA Insurance.
The revolutionary mobile money platform, mCash, which is transforming the country’s electronic payments landscape, recently rewarded 10 AIA Insurance Wealth Planners with a fully-paid tour package to Thailand, including air ticket and accommodation, while 6 others were rewarded with smartphones. This was the culmination of the promotional campaign conducted to recognize and reward AIA Wealth Planners who paid their premiums via mCash during 2018, widely considered a breakthrough solution in the insurance industry. The promotion was held over four months, during which 16 winners were selected through a raffle draw. AIA Insurance was the first to partner with mCash to introduce premium collections via a mobile wallet through their Wealth Planner Network. 
mCash has partnered with AIA Insurance for more than four years and played a pivotal role in collecting AIA Insurance Premiums via mCash. It is also proving to be a boon for Wealth Planners or insurance agents due to its ease of use and value addition benefits offered by mCash. Some of the value additions an insurance agent receives for conducting insurance premiums via mCash are additional revenue income for themselves as they receive a commission when they perform a premium payment via mCash. The service provides instant payment confirmation via SMS and Real Time Payment update for customers’ peace of mind. Wealth Planners also find this convenient because not only does it give them confidence, it also leads to reduced risk of carrying cash while opening additional avenues for earning more revenue. Digital technologies are transforming the insurance landscape and mCash’s unique arrangement with AIA Insurance has not only empowered the insurer but also placed it at the forefront of the industry as a company that truly incorporates technology to benefit its users and one that is streets ahead of competition. 
Apart from extending financial inclusion, mCash has redefined the way consumers carry out transactions with the use of a mobile phone. mCash has experienced immense growth over the last few years with a large clientele and growing customer base that continues to expand countrywide. Mobitel’s mCash has transformed the mobile money concept in Sri Lanka by introducing innovative features, and constantly creating ways in which mCash can be more inclusive and adapted to customer lifestyles.
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