1. What is Hangama Fun store?

Enjoy Videos from your phone with different category


  1. How to access to the portal?

Simply visit:


  1. What kind of entertainment can I find on Fun store?

quick & fun videos to keep boredom at bay.


  1. Are the downloads limited on Fun store?

Absolutely not! We believe entertainment has no limits, so why should someone limit your access to entertainment. The amount of items you can download depends on the kind of subscription plan you choose.


  1. Do I need to be a member of Fun store to access the entertainment?

You don’t have to be a member of Fun store to enjoy browsing and sampling all the music and video content available on the site. We will only identify your mobile number at the time of downloading content.


  1. Can I access Funstore Mobile site on any mobile phone?

Any mobile that is MOBILE enabled will allow you to view the Funstore MOBILE site. MOBILE enabled means that you can connect to any WEB or MOBILE pages on your mobile, even when you're out and about, and download great content for a list of compatible handsets.


  1. How do I access Funstore Mobile site on my mobile phone?

To access Funstore on your mobile phone, you first need to ensure that your mobile handset supports GPRS. You also need to ensure that GPRS is enabled on your mobile phone by your mobile service provider.


  1. You then proceed with the following steps:

a)      Click on Internet or Web Access option on your mobile phone menu

b)      Type on your address bar and click to go to the site

  1. Charges




Price point



Access to full catalogue of streaming videos

 LKR5+ taxes

subscription / Daily Renewal


** Taxation to be charged based on data rates for subscription and pay per download services.


  1. How to unsubscribe the service?

Simply type DH<>STOP and SMS to 4864


  1. Other terms and conditions
  • Once subscribed for Hungama services, recurring fee will be charged based on the customers package preference (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)
  • To access Hungama service on your mobile phone, first you need to ensure that your mobile handset supports GPRS. You are also need to ensure that GPRS settings are enabled on your mobile phone by your Mobile Service Provider.
  • All of the above services are activated using the respective operators Activation process. Mobitel will request a confirmation prior to activating the service through consent gateway. Any clarifications, concerns and refund etc. to be directed to Mobitel.
  • Hangama is a content aggregator and responsible for managing and maintaining the mentioned services with the mobile operator/s.
  • Copy rights and content accuracy/validity etc. are the sole ownership and the responsibility of the content providers and Hungama will not be liable for any damages or losses.