One Rate Roaming


One rate is the convenient way to roam to any part of the world with one rate!
Q1. What is ‘One rate roaming’?
One rate roaming allows customers to call back Sri Lanka at the same rate, from anywhere in the world! 
Q2. Who can activate ‘One rate roaming’?
Postpaid & prepaid customers can obtain the One rate roaming.
Q3. What are the charges for One rate roaming?
Country Outgoing SL (Direct Call) Within the roamed Country Roaming Incoming SMS GPRS (Per MB) Calls to Rest of the World
India 10 10 2 10 80 Standard Rate
Malaysia/Singapore  10 10 10 10 80 Standard Rate
All Other Countries 25 25 25 25 Call 1717 for standard rates Standard Rate

* above rates are excluding government taxes

Q4. What are the benefits of One rate roaming?

- For Budget roaming customers, no need to wait for another income call!

- There is no need to enter special codes 

  • Postpaid customers: Phone book dialing 
  • Prepaid customers: Dial with the country code 

- Best network coverage is guaranteed 

- One rate roaming is available in more than 150 countries.

Q5. How can I activate One rate roaming?

- Only one-time activation! 

Via # 999 # 

To Activate - Dial # 999 #  - Activation    – Option 4 -> One rate roaming 

To Deactivate - Dial # 999 #  - Deactivation – Option 4 -> One rate roaming

- Call Roaming hotline: 0714555555

Q6. Can the One rate roaming be activated with other roaming products?

Yes. One rate roaming can be activated with all roaming data plans and Deposit Free Roaming  

Postpaid Deposit free roaming
$5 - Unlimited/ 50MB- per day
Prepaid $1 Combo Pack