Pre paid FAQ's

What are the rates of new Pre Paid plan?

The rates of new prepaid plan is as follows,  


Voice Calls\Video calls (Per Minute) 

Mobitel to Mobitel Rs:1.50 Rs:0.20 Rs:0.20 
Mobitel to Other
Incoming Totally Free 
GPRS GPRS 10KB block at the rate of Rs:0.01 (1cents)

What are the features available on this new Pre Paid plan?

The features which will be available on the new floor rate tariff plan are as follows,

  • Pre enabled IDD
  • Pre enabled Roaming
  • Loan Facility
  • Credit Share
  • Pre Paid Internet add on plans
  • Cash Bonanza
  • All Value Added service  

Following services will not be available to enjoy by new subscribers connected after 01st of February 2016,

  • Freedom
  • Remix
  • SMS Bundle Plans

Can I enjoy the Mbest Friend, Any 8, Freedom, Remix and Abacus features on this new floor rate Tariff plan?

Mbest Friend, Any 8, Freedom, Remix and Abacus services are not available on the New Pre Paid tariff plan.

Prepaid FAQs