1.What is Loan?
The Loan enables any Mobitel Pre-Paid customer to request for a Loan Rs.30 whenever they are out of credit.
2.How do I become eligible for a Loan?
To become eligible for a Loan the following conditions should be met:

You have to be connected with for more than 6 months.
You have to be registered in compliance with the Mobitel customer registration policy.
Request for the Loan only within 24 hours when your account runs out of credit.
The account balance should be between 5 and 0.
3.How can I request for a Loan?
You can request for a Loan by dialing #247# from your handset.
4.What is the validity period for the Loan amount granted?
The validity period for the Rs.30 Loan granted is 7 days.
5.What is the processing fee for Loan service?
The processing fee of Rs.2.00 + Taxes & Levies will be charged for each successful Loan request.
6.Will the processing fee be deducted from my Loan?
The processing fee will not be deducted of the Loan.
7.What are the services I can enjoy with Loan?
The services which you can enjoy with Loan will be:

Local calls - Mobitel to Mobitel and Mobitel to other networks
IDD buddy calls
IDD international calls
Local SMS - Mobitel to Mobitel and Mobitel to other networks
International SMS
Call Diversion
Incoming calls from any network
8.How many Loan requests can I make at any given time?
You can only make one successful Loan request at a time, the next successful request can be made only if your previous Loan had been settled by recharging/reloading the account.
9.Are there a maximum number of Loan requests for a week/month?
You can enjoy unlimited number of Loan requests for a month as long as you recharge and settle each  Loan subsequent your request.
10.How do I check the available balance of my Loan?
To check the available balance on your Loan

Call the self-care IVR 141 your handset and press 1.
The availability of balance on your Loan will be sent to you via SMS each time you dial *100# on your handset.
11.Will I be charged for rentals for services such as mTunes , Any 8, and so on from my Loan?
The rentals for services such as mTunes, Any 8, and so on will not be deducted from your  Loan. Only the usage of the following services will be deducted from your Loan.

Local calls and IDD(Premier and Buddy) calls
Local SMS and International SMS
Call Diversion
12.If I do not utilize the total amount of my Loan do I have to still have to settle Rs.30?
Yes, the Loan amount will have to be settled if you do not utilize this or not within the 7 day period or not.


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