Friday, 7th February 2020

Mobitel & Thuru’s tech-enabled reforestation project shortlisted for ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action award’ at prestigious GSMA Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards 2020  

Mobitel and Thuru’s joint project - ‘Reforestation through Technology’ - has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action award’ at GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2020, popularly known as the GLOMO Awards, scheduled to be held in Barcelona in February 2020, where winners will be announced.

This recognition is yet another feather in the cap for Mobitel which has embarked on far-reaching green sustainable initiatives powered by its core strength - technology. Mobitel partnered with Thuru’s intriguing digital reforestation innovation startup by being the technology and communication partner for Thuru and by co-innovating together to introduce many services and features with newest technology trends to make this initiative a game-changer. Mobitel and Thuru applied for GSMA GLOMO Awards under ‘Tech4Good - Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action’ category and was shortlisted for the same. GLOMO Awards recognise and celebrate those innovators who continue to build a connected world where mobile is enhancing our everyday lives, helping improve education, enabling greater political participation and driving higher economic growth. The awards celebrate major milestones and deep impact that mobile communications and it can be identified as the ‘Oscars of the mobile industry’ and help keep the spirit of innovation alive within the industry.

Thuru was one of the 10 finalists of the Season 2 of ‘Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak’, Sri Lanka’s first-ever innovation and entrepreneurship based tech reality TV show powered by Mobitel, as part of its strategy to launch sustainable products and services. With the aim of bringing joint synergies and strong potential for collaboration, the show brought Mobitel and Thuru to collaborate on reforestation initiative. Through the Thuru app, people can plant a real tree and monitor its progress. People can plant trees and upload images and details and the app will automatically generate points, and the person can climb up in the leader board as a true nature hero. The longer the person takes care of the tree and uploads images, the more points he gets. It will be a guide to tree planting and will help users link up with like-minded nature lovers and tree huggers across the globe. To promote a green mindset, Mobitel is extending a special data offer for Thuru users entitled, ‘Join Thuru, plant trees and earn Green Bytes (Data) from Mobitel’.

‘Reforestation initiative through Technology’ is one of the many under the purview of Mobitel’s green initiatives, as it breaks new ground in other sustainable areas such as utilizing renewable energy for its base station operations and promoting E-bill with a catchy campaign by planting trees for each E-bill registration of its subscribers along with Thuru. Mobitel plants trees in Mobitel base station locations to promote urban forestation and to offset/minimize the carbon dioxide emission caused by entire network. As the National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel has taken on the mantle of a mentor to nurture tech entrepreneurs and innovative startups that can succeed as successful businesses.

Mobitel, under its credo, ‘We Care. Always’, is focused on environmental and social responsibility initiatives and this collaboration provides an ideal balance of both technology and greening, while engaging the larger community to become conscious of the need to reforest Sri Lanka for future generations. Mobitel is continuously supporting and encouraging tech entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka, through many initiatives, to offer encouragement for innovators.

Thursday, 16th January 2020

Mobitel & ‘CareerMe’ takes on the mantle of career guidance for students, teachers and parents

Reiterating its pledge in leading Sri Lanka towards an info com and knowledge rich society, Mobitel, Sri Lanka’s National Mobile Service provider, has partnered with CareerMe, a fully-fledged career guidance app and web platform developed by a local company in partnership with an Australian body, to aid students, teachers, parents and other industry professionals alike to obtain career guidance.

The free career guidance mobile app is a first of its kind in Sri Lanka and hosts free, interactive online career tools that help identify the best career and education paths with personalised career guidance at the touch of a fingertip. As technology partner for CareerMe and other such innovative startups, Mobitel has taken on the mantle of a mentor - nurturing tech entrepreneurs and innovative startups to succeed as successful businesses. Since its launch in August 2019, CareerMe App is witnessing rapid adoption and was awarded the ‘Winner in the Learning and Education category’ at the ‘e-Swabhimani Digital Social Impact Awards 2018’, organized by the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka. Through this collaboration, Mobitel hopes to enhance employability by guiding students in the right direction, so that they can pursue their aspirations and become a vital asset to the country.  

Nalin Perera – CEO, Mobitel explains, “As the National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel, is playing a strategic role in driving a spirit of technology-backed entrepreneurship to encourage business ideas that will enhance people’s lives and make a national contribution. Mobitel has been active in expanding nascent IoT and IIoT technologies in Sri Lanka, investing heavily in bringing the advanced technologies to benefit Sri Lankans.  Our aim is to empower people from both rural and urban areas with the ability and knowhow to access enterprise solutions that would help them increase their efficiency, productivity and re-engineer processes. We have partnered some startups which are thriving today and will continue to seek out innovative idea and concepts and put them on the path to prosperity. The growth and expansion of home-grown startups have the power to drive economic growth.”

With CareerMe, the future generation of the country can obtain career guidance coupled with advisory support to successfully achieve their ambitions thus become a vital force in fulfilling the future employment demands and help move the nation’s engine of growth forward. 

In the past, Mobitel has nurtured THURU as technology partner, providing technical consultation mainly in the domains of NBIoT (Narrow Band Internet-of-Things), Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to make the system futuristic and intelligent. THURU was one of the 10 finalists of the Season 2 of Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak, Sri Lanka’s first-ever innovation and entrepreneurship-based tech reality TV show powered by Mobitel.

About CareerMe

CareerMe® is Sri Lanka’s award-winning career guidance company, founded by a young Sri Lankan woman entrepreneur and operates in technical collaboration with Grow Careers Australia. Believing the power and potential of career guidance to develop and realize aspirations of young people for sustainable national growth and development, CareerMe provides nationwide, impartial career guidance services in all three national languages for youth to explore education and career options that match their personality, skills, strengths and interests. As a pioneer technology driven hybrid career guidance company in Sri Lanka, we serve clients such as schools, corporations, education providers, youth services, government bodies, charities, professional organizations and provide personalized career guidance for private clients.

Nalin Perera, CEO of Mobitel exchanging the MOU with Anjana Kulasekara, Founder & CEO of CareerMe.


Tuesday, 5th November 2019

Mobitel, the first telco to partner VISA in Sri Lanka to enhance digital enablement via mCash  

Mobitel had forged a dynamic partnership with Visa recently to enhance digital enablement in Sri Lanka via its widely-used mobile money platform, mCash. Mobitel’s mCash has revolutionized the mobile money concept in Sri Lanka and continuously introduces innovative features and creates ways in which it can be more inclusive and adapted to customer lifestyles. Sustaining this effort to offer greater benefits to customers, Mobitel’s partnership with Visa will enhance mCash usability, allowing customers to experience an array of exciting new products and services. In addition, the partnership will propel the reach of mCash services across its 20,000+ partner network by empowering them with many benefits that will further enhance their digital capabilities to serve customers. mCash facilitates a wide array of financial services via the mobile phone such as Top Ups, Withdrawals, Sending & Receiving Money, Paying Utility & Institute bills, Shopping Payments, Online Payments, making Charitable Donations, Digital Standing Orders and robust B2B Business Solutions.      

Commenting on the partnership, Nalin Perera, CEO of Mobitel said, “Delivering unmatched customer services is our priority at all times and we are pleased to forge a partnership with Visa to offer mCash customers innovative and enhanced usability. This cooperation will encourage greater use of digital transactions among millions of users.”

Adding further, R. Ramchandran, Country Manager for India and South Asia said, “We are excited to be partnering Mobitel in our efforts to further drive mobile commerce in Sri Lanka. Thanks to this partnership, we look forward to enabling millions of Sri Lankan consumers on the Visa network for a fast, seamless and secure payment experience on their mobile phones.”

mCash works in partnership with leading corporates across various sectors in order to make its mobile payment platform available for enhanced convenience and speed in conducting financial transactions. In addition to extending financial inclusion, mCash has redefined the way consumers carry out transactions with the use of a mobile phone. mCash has experienced immense growth over the last few years with a large clientele and growing customer base that continues to expand countrywide.

From Left – Representing Mobitel, Rishani Gunaratne, Manager, Mobile Financial Services, Gayan Kalugamage, Assistant Manager, Mobile Financial Services, Isuru Dissanayake, Senior General Manger, Marketing, Nalin Perera, CEO, Mobitel, T R Ramachandran – Group Country Manager, India-South Asia, Anthony Watson, Country Manager Sri Lanka and Maldives, Nalin Dissanayake – Director MS&A Sri Lanka and Maldives, Avanthi Colombage – Director Business Development Sri Lanka and Maldives, representing Visa Worldwide.