Reactivate your SLT-MOBITEL SIM

Pre-paid & Postpaid

What is the Prepaid “WIN BACK” Promo?

Win Back promo is a special promotion which is available for the customers who are disconnected presently. To be Eligible, the disconnection period should be > 30 days & connection activation date should be > 60 Days.


Who is eligible to obtain this offer?

Any Prepaid and Postpaid subscriber is entitled for this offer (Excluding corporate users).


When can I redeems the offer?

From 18th November 2022 to 31st December 2022


What is the given offer for this win back program?

Unlimited Voice & SMS for Three months.

10 GB Anytime Data continuously for 3 months (30GB)  for FREE


How can i opt in for the “Win Back” promo?
  • By Visiting Mobitel or SLT outlets.
  • Or call 1717 hotline
How long will it take to activate the “win Back” promo bundle?

The promotion bundle – Unlimited Voice, SMS & 10GB data bundle, will be available within 30 minutes of activation.  


What is the expiry date for the “Win Back” promo bundle?

The free Bundles expiry is set to expire after Three-months validity period. After the expiry of the bundle (after 3 months) the number will be under the standard prepaid plan.


How many times can I opt in for the “Win Back” promo bundle?

You can be eligible for the offer only once.


If a customer I have multiple mobile numbers under one account, can i enjoy the “Win Back” promo for all numbers?

Yes. The “Win Back” promo bundle will be eligible for all prepaid and postpaid disconnected numbers.


How will I be notified of receiving the “Win Back” promo bundle?

You will be notified through an SMS.