Rs 708 Plan (Postpaid)

Rental (excluding Tax) : Rs 708
Validity : Bill period/30 days
Data quota (Anytime) (GB) : 50 GB
Eligible Platforms : MS Teams/ Office 365/ Zoom/ mLearning/ SLT Lynked/ SLT eSiphala
TRC Code : TRC/M/Promo/21/04
Package  Postpaid– Rs 180 Plan (eLearning) Postpaid– Rs 708 Plan (eLearning) Postpaid– Rs 990 Plan (eLearning)
Validity Bill period/30 days Bill period/30 days Bill period/30 days
Data quota (Anytime) (GB)  25 GB 50 GB 100 GB
Bundle only applicable to MS Teams, Office 365, Zoom, mLearning, SLT Lynked, SLT eSiphala


What are “eLearning plans”?

eLearning student packages are special data packages to access Ms Team, Office 365 and  Zoom  all day!

Introducing 3 postpaid plans and 2 prepaid plans to activate as data add-on plan to your existing Mobitel connection. (Both voice and Data customers)

What are the package details of this offer?
Package type Prepaid/postpaid Prepaid/postpaid Postpaid Only
Rental excluding tax 180 708 990
Validity Bill period/30 days Bill period/ 30 days Bill period
Data quota (Anytime) (GB) 25 GB 50 GB 100 GB
  Bundle only  applicable to access Ms Teams, office 365, Zoom
What are the platforms allowed to access from this package?

- Ms Teams, Office 365, Zoom 

- Data consumption for background apps may happen. Hence, we recommend to keep a standard data add-on plan active. 

How to activate these plans ?

Available as Add-on via 


#170# -> eLearning packages 

DataMart -> select eLearning packages tab

Or www.

Can customers use this on both smartphones and routers?

Yes, customers can use this package on both smartphones and routers. 

Who is eligible to obtain this offer?

Any Voice /Data Mobitel customer can activate this packages as an add-on. 

Postpaid add-ons   -> How will I get charged if I activate postpaid add-on in middle of  a billing cycle? 

Data bundle – total data bundle will be given  And total monthly rental will be charged (data bundle/rental will not be prorated )

How do I check available balance?

Prepaid – SMS “DB” to 7678 OR log onto Datamart app

Postpaid – SMS “Usage” to 4567 OR log onto Datamart app