E Billing

How can the customers activate E-bill service?
  • By dialing #9900#
  • Using My account
  • By using the Mobitel Self-care App
  • By calling 1717
What are the rewards that the customer gets when activating E-bill service?
2GB data from the next billing cycle.
Can the customer receive multiple rewards?
  • Yes, upon activation each mobile number will get the benefit of 2GB data bundle.
  • Yet THE same number will not be granted the 2GB reward twice and the 2 GB reward will be only a one-time offer
How can a customer change the e-mail address?
  • Customer can dial #9900# from the phone which the E-bill service is activated and change the email address as per his/ her choice
  • Customer can change by calling 1717
  • Customer can change by login in to ‘My account’
Will customers who registered previously get entitled for rewards?
No. Only the new registrations made within the promotional period gets rewarded.
If a customer who have deactivated the e-bill before reactivated the service during the promotional period, is he also eligible for rewards?
Yes. Any new registrations or reactivations during the promotional period will be eligible for rewards.
Yet if the reward was granted prior the customer will not get the 2GB
When will the customers get the reward?
The customers will get the reward at the next billing cycle.
What is the shortest method to activate the Service?
  • Simply dial #9900#
  • Select activate e-bill
  • Enter the email address in the given window and the service will be activated

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