How can I be eligible to win a smart phone with free talk time through this program?
Any Post Paid individual customers who successfully activates a Mobitel PIN by dialing #171# will be eligible for the draw.
What is the prize which the winner will receive?
A smart phone along with a free Pre-Paid SIM with Rs.1000.00 talk time will be offered as the reward.
If I activate multiple PINs for separate connections connected under my NIC will I have multiple winning chances?
Yes. In the event of one customer having multiple PINs on multiple mobile numbers, customer will have multiple winning chances during the specific draw period.
How frequently will the draw be conducted?
Draw will be conducted biannually.
If I win, how will I be notified?
A Mobitel Customer Care representative will contact and notify the winner through the Mobitel hotline & a notification letter will be sent to the winner once the verification is completed.
After being notified how can I collect my prize?
The winner will be required to visit the nearest Mobitel outlet and collect the prize by submitting the notification letter.
What is ‘Enabling Transactions through a PIN ‘?
It is a process of implementing a ‘paperless customer support system’ by providing a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for Mobitel Post Paid individual subscribers.
Who can register for this service?
All Post Paid individual customers can register for this service.

Excludes Pre Paid customers & corporate group packages. However, this service will be open for Pre-Paid users in the future.
How does the PIN will be used?
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be linked to the mobile number and the NIC, for the purpose of using as verification when transacting with Mobitel.
  • PIN consisting of six numerical characters will be issued to you for this purpose.
  • You are required to call the Hotline and request for the transaction to be processed.
  • Upon a verification of the PIN the transaction will be successfully processed.
What are the transactions which can be accommodated through the PIN verification?
  • Change of package
  • Change of billing address
  • Request for bill copy/copies
  • Request for detailed bill/bills
  • Temporary suspension on request
  • Activate detailed bill feature on bill
What is a ‘PIN registration code’?
It is an initial six digit verification code sent to you, to be used when creating the actual PIN.
When can I create the actual PIN?
You can create the actual PIN, soon after you receives the ‘registration code’.
How can I create the actual PIN?
By dialing #171# from the same Mobitel connection.
  • Step 01 – Select ‘Create PIN ‘
  • Step 02 – Enter NIC number
  • Step 03 – Enter Registration code (received via SMS)
  • Step 04 – Enter preferred six digit PIN & confirm.
How can I use the created PIN to request for a service alteration?
By calling the Mobitel Customer Care Hotline 1717/0712755777.
What are the advantages in having & using a PIN for service alterations?
  • You will not be required to visit a frontline outlet to get a service alteration done.
  • Does not have to provide verification material (NIC/DL/PPT) or fill up request forms.
  • Saves time & effort.
Once a request is made how is the verification done via the PIN?
  • Once the request is successfully submitted an SMS will be set out to you requesting to reply with the PIN.
  • And the system will automatically verify the entered PIN against the actual PIN.
What happens once a request is successfully validated through the PIN?
  • The said request will be automatically escalated to the 2nd level & will be actioned accordingly.
  • Simultaneously you will be notified via an SMS regarding the successful PIN verification.
Enabling Mobitel Customer Transactions through a PIN
This service enables all Mobitel Post Paid individual subscribers to request for the below mentioned alterations to their service simply by making a call to 1717.
  • Change of Billing Address
  • Change of Package
  • Bill Copy Requests
  • Detailed Bill Requests
  • Temporary Suspension on Request
  • Activate Detailed Bill on Bill
This facility is extended to both smart phone and  feature phone users, where the customer needs to first register for a PIN and request for an alteration without the hassle of sending in written requests or walk into a Mobitel outlet.
The customer authentication will be done via a PIN which will replace the signature verification process whilst making it convenient for you to transact with Mobitel.
The method of registering for a PIN & the transaction process is shown below.
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