Enjoy FREE Viber with SLT-Mobitel Mobile

  1. What is the FREE Viber Offer ?

    1. SLT-Mobitel Mobile customers can now enjoy Unlimited Viber without any Data charges with the activation of below Data plans.

      Eligible Prepaid Plans

      • Rs.399 Anytime plan
      • Rs.499 Anytime Plan
      • Rs.699 Anytime Plan
      • Rs.999 Anytime Plan
      • Rs.1999 Anytime Plan

      Eligible Postpaid Plans

      • Rs.1290 Anytime Plan
      • Rs.1690 Anytime Plan
      • Rs.2090 Anytime Plan
      • Rs.2990 Anytime Plan
      • Rs.3890 Anytime Plan
  2. How to activate the offer

    Customers will have to activate the eligible plans to obtain the offer.

    • To Activate Prepaid Plans, Visit #170# > Internet plans > FREE Viber Offer or recharge the plan values to instantly activate the plans.
    • To Activate Postpaid Add-Ons Visit #170# > Anytime Internet > FREE Viber Offer.

    You can also visit SelfCare or DataMart Apps to avail the offer.

  3. Other Conditions

    • FREE Viber service will receive a Maximum Speed up-to 1Mbps.
    • Viber Offer for Prepaid users will be valid for 30 days from the date of each eligible activation.
    • Viber Offer for Postpaid users will be renewed with the bill-run.
    • Viber-Out service is not covered in the FREE offer
    • Users can Type ‘OFF VIBER’ and send to 160 and enjoy Viber without the speed limit using standard data charges.
    • Users can re-enable FREE Viber service with 1Mbps speed cap by sending ‘ON VIBER’ to 160.

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