Internet Plans

What is an internet plan?
Internet plans are data only bundle packages especially designed for data devices offering extended free data bundles along with additional free late night data bundle . However note that while voice, SMS & other services are enabled standard rates would apply. Thereby the new internet plans would be
  • Value +
  • Heavy Surfer
  • Heavy Downloader
  • Max Downloader
What is the package design & charges applicable for this package?
The tariff structure and the package design applicable for internet plans will be as follows.
Package Type Value + Heavy Surfer Heavy Downloader Max Downloader
Monthly Subscription Fee without Tax (Rs.) 475 590 890 1290
Free Bundle (GB) (09:00-00:00) 2.5 4 7 10
Free Late night bundle (GB) (00:00-09:00) 4 5 7 10
Excess Usage Charge on Data (Rs.) 2o cents per MB 2o cents per MB 2o cents per MB 15 cents per MB
Refundable deposit 1,000 1,000 1500 2000
Max Downlink Speed 3.6 Mbps 3.6 Mbps 3.6 Mbps 7.2 Mbps
Max Uplink Speed 1.98 Mbps 1.98 Mbps 1.98 Mbps 5.76 Mbps
Connection Fee (Rs.) 100 100 100 100
Credit Limit (Rs.) 1000 1000 1500 2000
How can I change from an existing Zoom package / an existing internet plan to a new internet plan?
You would be required to visit any of Mobitel’s branches, Authorized dealers / sub-dealers and request for a package change. No additional fee would be charged for package changes, however depending on the new package chosen by you the amount of refundable deposit, Credit limit & rental would apply
How can I obtain a new internet plan?
  • Call over in person at Mobitel Centre and request for new internet plan.
  • Produce your NIC/Valid Passport/Driving License and Institute
  • Be willing to be photographed or bring a passport size photograph
  • Make payment for the connection fee of Rs. 100/= along with the required Refundable deposit depending on the package chosen by you
  • Produce billing proof (For new customers only)
Can I still make & receive calls & SMSs through these internet plans?
Yes, you can make & receive calls & SMS. However this would not be included as a part of the free bundle & would be charged as follows; Voice Charges
  • M2M: Rs. 1.00/-
  • M2O: Rs. 2.00/-
SMS Charges
  • M2M: Rs. 0.10/-
  • M2O: Rs. 0.25/-
  • International: Rs. 5.00/-
MMS Charges
  • M2M: Rs. 1.00/-
  • M2O: Rs. 5.00/-
Can I activate ‘Late night internet’ on to my internet plans?
No you cannot as a late night internet bundle is already included in your internet plans.
Can I activate ‘content based charging plans’ on to my internet plans?
Yes you can.
How will I be charged for excess usage beyond the prescribed free bundle?
By default the excess charge is enabled and you will be billed for excess usage as per package details. (Refer package details)
How do I check my usage & balance remaining in my bundle?
You will be receiving an SMS daily by default. You could also additionally request for your balance details by sending an SMS typing ‘usage’ and sending to 4567 Additionally you will receive notifications;
  • 1st Message on 75% of bundle usage
  • 2nd Message on 90% of bundle usage
  • 3rd Message on 100% of bundle usage
Can the connection be transferred to another (ownership transfers)?
Yes, this is possible upon submitting a letter of request signed off by you (the original customer)
I am already a Mobitel Pre-Paid subscriber. Can I carry forward my present Pre-Paid number when changed to an internet plan?
Yes. However the SIM card will need to be changed and you need to follow the standard number portability migration procedure from Pre-Paid to Post Paid with the required documents , connection fee of Rs.100/= & applicable refundable deposit
What is my Credit Limit?
Your Initial credit limit will depend on the internet plan chosen by you. (Refer table above)
What happens when I fail to make a payment?
If payments are not made on or before the due date the subscriber would be sent a text message (SMS) and a reminder call before any credit action is being taken. An SMS reminder would be sent when customer reaches 80% of his credit limit
Can I use my internet plans while roaming?
Yes, however the refundable deposits should be kept by you and roaming charges would also apply. Note that the roaming usage will be shown in your bill separately and this bundle plan chosen by you would not be applicable .Pls. make sure to find out the roaming rates applicable before you travel
From where can I subscribe for this?
rom where can I subscribe for this?
  • Flagship stores and Excel world
  • Mobitel Branches
  • Mobitel authorized dealers & sub dealers
  • SLT Teleshops/RTO offices
  • Online Dealer Points
  • ARPICO – Hyde Park
Does rental prorating apply?
No, Rentals and bundles will not be prorated. At the point of connection your bill run will be selected as the most recent (already passed) bill run.
How to read my bill?
  • Monthly rental shall be shown as ‘Monthly rental’
  • Peak CDR shall be flagged with a ‘P’
  • Off-peak CDR shall be flagged with an ‘O’
  • Detail bill charge
Data detail bill charge shall be Rs.250 Detail bill charge is Free of charge for e-bill customers

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