Traffic Navigation Solution

Can I try this Navigation system of T-Navi before purchasing a Licensed Version?
Yes, you can try it out for 15 days within the Colombo city
What are the Operating Systems/platforms supports for T-Navi Software?
Windows Mobile (Only Touch Phones),
Symbian (3rd, 5th, S3), Please check the Symbian phone guide to check the relevant Operating System
Apple i Phones
i Pads
What are the minimum requirements of Hardware / Mobile Phone?
Any of the above OS with internal GPS capability, For WinCE devices without internet connection cannot receive live traffic updates
Can I install to BlackBerry?
How can I download this software to my phone or existing GPS unit?

Phone: - Visit and select the relevant software version and download it.

GPS Unit:-From Computer or Mobile phone download the installation file, and to be copied to a SD card of the phone. Then insert the SD card to the GPS unit and run the installation exe.

After installation, go to Menu>Maps>Map Management>Download Map and select Colombo Center1.1 & press Load.

How Can I download this software to my Apple i Phone / I Pad?
Please login to App Store from you're I phone and search 'tnavi gps' Sri Lanka and download
How much do I have to pay to get a licensed (full map) version of this application?
  • Android, WM, Symbian: Rs. 3,999/=
  • Apple: Rs. 4,600/=
Do I have to pay monthly or annual subscriptions after purchasing a full version?
No. Only the upfront payment is applicable. Once you purchase T-Navi full version, you can use it without paying a monthly or annual rental. If you are using live traffic updates, GPRS charges may apply.
Can I use the same license in another mobile phone?
No. One license can only be used in one mobile phone.
What if I lost my mobile phone?
You have to purchase a new license for the new device
How can I purchase License for Android, Symbian or Windows Mobile phone?
Two Ways,
Option 1:- SMS “Get” to 3656, You will receive a SMS with the License Key in a short while
Option 2:- Scratch Cards can be purchased from Mobitel Branches Island wide
How Can I activate the mobile version to use the full map (Non apple)?
  • Visit and select the relevant software version and download it. After installation, go to Menu>Maps>Map Management>Download Map, and select “Colombo Center” & press Load. Try out the free trial version of Colombo city.
  • The application will ask for a license key when you open the application, Key in the License Key. Your Phone should be internet enabled in order to complete the activation process
  • After completing the activation process, please go to Menu>Maps>Map Management>license & Press “Get”  Symbian Menu>Maps>More>License>Get
  • Now go to Menu> Maps>Map Management>Download Maps & select “Sri Lanka A & Sri Lanka B” , This may take several minutes, wait till the maps are completely downloaded Symbian Menu>Maps>More>Download Maps
  • Then go to   Menu>Maps>Open and select full maps
  • Asia
  • Sri Lanka A
  • Sri Lanka B
  • Unselect Colombo Center (free) Map
  • Go to Menu>Maps>More and select “Search on Custom Map”
  • Now you can enjoy full version of T-Navi software
How Can I activate the mobile version in my i phone or I Pad version to use the full map?
  • Please visit  App store from your i phone and search “Tnavi GPS” and download the free version
  • Visit your nearest T-Navi or Mobitel sales outlet and produce the 16 digit Apple License Number to Customer Care agent and make the payment. (License Number can be retrieved at Menu>Map>Info )
  • Mobitel customer care agent shall log into T-Navi system and enters the customer’s Apple License Number
  • Customer’s registered full version shall be activated by T-Navi through Apple App Store
  • Go to Menu>Map>Map Management>Map License & Press “Get”
  • Go to Menu>Maps>Map Management> Open & select Full Maps
  • Asia
  • Sri Lanka A
  • Sri Lanka B
  • Unselect Colombo Center (free) Map
  • Go to Menu>Maps>More and select “search on Custom map”
  • Now you can enjoy full version of T-Navi software
Can I buy the PND from Mobitel, if yes what's the price?
Yes, you can buy 5 inch PND (Personal Navigation Device) with live traffic receiving facility from any of our Mobitel branches for Rs.37,150/=
Is this works only in Sri Lanka or can this be used abroad?
Yes, you can use this unit/ software in listed in other countries. But you must purchase relevant map from Tnavi Office. Please contact 0112 599 388
Can I install this software / map to my original Japanese Car Set up?
Yes, if your car set up is capable of accessing SD card, you can directly install T-Navi from SD Card. If your car set up use DVD / HDD for map, additional GPS module must install. Please contact T-Navi Hotline 011 2 599 588
Can you install your software to my Garmin GPS?
No, Since Garmin PND uses their own OS, T-Navi software is not supported
How often the map is updated?

We are Updating the map daily. If you are using an Online Software, your map will automatically update.

If you are using Offline Software/ Hardware, please log on to and download the Update file (Sri Lanka / Sri Lanka ) and paste to SD card’s City guide folder

How do I proceed when the application requests for a license Key?
New User
For 15 days free trial – please select “NO” option when the license Key is requested. Your phone must have an internet connection when the free version is used for the first time.
To purchase the full version- Please visit any Mobitel outlet and pay the relevant amount to purchase a license key.

Registered user
Please take invoice number / ID number & direct them to Tnavi – 0112599588
(Send urgent email SMS to Tnavi)
Is this provides voice commands?
Yes, this system gives turn by turn voice instructions in English Sinhala & Tamil. If customer requests, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, French, German voice packs, can be enabled free of charge
I can't search the Address or street / it asks for city when I try to search the street name
Please go to Menu>Search>More and select "Search on Custom Maps'
How does the "Live traffic update" works?
T-Navi traffic system use community base data sharing method. System is currently installed to dedicated taxi Fleet and from these vehicles server is receiving traffic data 24 x 7. Same time all users' traffic data and road status updates are shared among the community. By this method all users can receive live traffic data free of charge.
What is the coverage of the map? is this map contains 100% coverage?
T-Navi map covers whole Sri Lanka. All most all the roads are already mapped. But very few small by roads may not appear in the system, but we are in the process of completing the map with 100% coverage. Once the new map is released with expanded coverage, you will be notified on the screen and you can directly download the new map from the T-Navi software. If there's any map error, please mark "text" DPOI on that place and email the error to
Why the software logo shows CityGuide not Tnavi?
CityGuide is a partner company of T-Navi who supplies the encryption and locking features to the software.
Why the POI's are not displayed like the other products?
T-Navi contains more POIs than any other navigation software in Sri Lanka. If all POIs are displayed, it will disturb the navigation flow. Therefore our system shows only major POIs on the screens. Users can change the visibility levels of POI categories too, by changing the settings.
How to put a Book mark?
When you want to add a bookmark please touch the map screen. New 6 options will appear on the bottom of the screen and please select "Add BookMark", it will by default pick the time as the reference. You can add any reference name to book mark. You can add any number of book marks to the system and they can search though Menu>Search>Book marks.
Can I search from house numbers?
No, our present map does not contain house numbers. New project is already started to include house numbers, but it may take another year to release such edition.
Why some roads are not listed?
Our mapping team always tries to include all the street names to the map by physically visiting those streets. If the road doesn't have a name board, that name may not appear on the map. Please call 0112-599388 and report the error.
What should I do if there's an error on map?
Place a Text DPOI on map with summary of the error and Please call 0112-599588 or email the description of the error to
Is there any warranty cover for the devices?
Yes. The PND (Personal Navigation Device) and SD card with software are covered with one year warranty.
Once the mobile software is purchased, can I use it any other mobile?
No. The license key can be used only once. If you require installing the software to a different device, you need to purchase a new license key.
If I reach a non Mobitel covered area, what will happen?
You can still use satellite navigation service. Only the GPRS related services such as Live Traffic Updates, Auto Map Updates will not work
Do GPRS related services on PND device and mobile phone software work in both 2G and 3G coverage?
After purchasing the SD card with software, if it does not work with my device or if doesn't support, can I return the SD card?
No. Return are not accepted unless there is a fault with T-Navi SD Card with Software
Can I pay in installments to purchase SD card or PND?
No. Easy payment schemes are not currently available
How can I track the location of my vehicle remotely?
This is a separate solution which you need to obtain from T-Navi. Please contact T-Navi customer service on 0112 599 588

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