Special Vesak Donation 2021

Special Vesak Donation 2021 - FAQ

1. What is SLT Mobitel “දාන පාරමිතා”?

Due to the prevailing COVID 19 situation in the country, SLT Mobitel (PVT) Ltd has decided to be a helping hand for the less benefited people with the collaboration of Mobitel Subscribers. The purpose of this fund is to provide dry rations essential goods/equipment’s & medical equipment’s. SLT Mobitel will match the customer contribution and contribute the same amount.

2. How can a SLT Mobitel customer contribute?

Both Prepaid & Postpaid customers can send a SMS “Yes” to 255

3. What is the charge for the contribution?

Rs. 50 (Taxes & SMS Charges will not be applicable).

4. Will the customer get an SMS Acknowledgment after successfully charged?

Yes SMS Format as follow:

Dear Customer, you have been charged Rs. 50. Thank you for your contribution for SLT-Mobitel “Dana Paaramitha”. SLT-Mobitel will contribute an additional Rs.50.

5. Will the customer get an SMS notification for prepaid insufficient balance?

Yes for SMS Format as follows:

Dear Customer, your account balance is insufficient. To process this request a minimum of Rs. 50 prepaid balance should be available.

6. Will the inactive postpaid users get a notification upon requesting for this service?

Customer will receive an error message as “sending failed”.

7. What is the bill Item code and bill description mentioned for charging?

Bill Description – Special Wesak Donation

Bill Item code – SWD

8. Will multiple SMS requests be allowed for the same mobile number?


9. Will the Corporate mobile numbers be allowed for this service ?

No the Notification SMS as follows:

Dear Customer, this facility is not allowed to your SLT-Mobitel mobile number. Please contact the corporate account manager, Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

10. Will the customer be notified for inserting the incorrect keyword ?

Yes the SMS Format as follows:

Dear Customer, your request is invalid If you wish to donate Rs. 50 for SLT-Mobitel "Daana Paaramitha" please type “Yes” and send it to 255. T&C apply.