Late Night Internet

What is Late Night Internet Plans?
It is an add-on bundle to the existing commercial package, where the customer gets an additional bundle over its existing commercial package bundle at a nominal price. This additional bundle will be given priority in utilization over the current commercial package bundle, during off-peak hours.
What is the time duration of "Off-Peak" hours for broadband?
12.00 a.m – 6.00 a.m
What are the plans in this package?
Click Here to view the plans
How can this plan be activated?
The Off-Peak bundle works as an add-on to the current commercial package. If the customer wants to activate the plan he/she has to SMS either of the following to 2545
  • Act OP50
  • Act OP140
  • Act OP350
  • Act OP600
Is there an activation/registration fee?
No there is no activation/registration fee involved
Who is entitled to activate this plan?
Anyone who has registered for a commercial postpaid broadband package (BB 240, Senehasa Upahara, Zoom 475, Zoom 590, Zoom 890, Zoom 1290), with Mobitel is entitled to activate the late night internet plans.
Has this plan to be activated every month?
No, once the plan is activated as an add-on it gets auto-renewed every month.
What are the terms and conditions of this plan?
For more information log on to
Can this plan be deactivated?
Yes, in-order to deactivate the plan SMS the following to 2545
  • Dct OP50
  • Dct OP140
  • Dct OP350
  • Dct OP600
Are multiple activations allowed?
Are plan change overs allowed & what is the process?
Yes, it is allowed. In order to do so the customer has to first deactivate the existing plan and then activate the new plan. In addition only one plan change over within a bill run
Can I deactivate and activate the plan to the same plan?
No, once deactivated the customer can only activate a different OP bundle
If I have an unutilized bundle within one bill run, can I carry it forward to the next bill run
In the case of an OP bundle changeover, when a customer changes from one OP plan to another OP plan, and if there is an unutilized balance in the first OP plan will that be accumulated to the new OP plan bundle?
Can I check my usage balance?
Yes, if you want to check your daily usage alert, SMS Yes to 4545. If you want to request for your daily usage alert, SMS usage to 4567
How do I obtain activation details of the package?
SMS info to 2545
When Off-Peak (OP) plans are activated in the middle of the bill run & Plan changeovers are being carried out is rental prorated?

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