Prepaid Internet

How can I enjoy Pre-Paid internet?
All you need is an active Mobitel Pre-Paid connection
What are the Pre-Paid Internet plans?
Click Here for More Information on the Mobitel Pre-paid plans
How do I activate Pre-Paid internet plans?
Following activation methods are available for Pre-Paid users to activate Pre-Paid internet plans
  • SMS activation
  • Reload activation
  • Recharge card activation
  • USSD activation
  • Web activation
Dongle User - I’m a dongle user, how can I activate Pre-Paid internet plan without removing SIM from the dongle
  • Reload - All you need to do is reload your Pre Paid number with the amount mentioned under your preferred Pre-Paid Internet plan
  • Recharge Cards - Type PIN number of Pre-Paid internet card in a SMS and send it to 141
  • Web reload - Login to my account, use credit card and reload denomination of the plan
What is the option to check the remaining free bundle in the Pre-Paid Internet plan?
  • Type DB and send it to 7678
  • Dial #170#
How do I check the expiry of each Pre-Paid internet plan I activate?
With each Pre-Paid internet plan you activate, you will receive an SMS with the expiry date of the plan
Can multiple Pre-Paid internet plans be activated?
Can combination of Pre-Paid internet plans be activated?
Can Pre-Paid Internet plans be activated with a Smart loan balance?
What will happen to the features I enjoy in my Pre Paid Internet subscription, if my credit balance reaches zero while I’m still within an active Pre Paid Internet plan?
You will still be able to enjoy your unused Internet plan features within the given time period, even when your balance reaches zero
Can I activate a Pre-Paid internet plan while being subscribed to another plan in Pre-Paid?


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