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How the bundles have been changed and upgraded for Mobitel Postpaid Mega Plans and Super Mega Plans?

Plan Name Plan Rental (Rs.) Day Bundle - GB Night Bundle - GB * Router Offer - Huawei B310s 
D1290/Max Downloader 1290 25 25 Rs.2000
ZOOM1790 1790 30 30 Free
ZOOM2490 2490 40 40 Free
ZOOM3490 3490 55 55 Free
ZOOM6490 6490 95 95 Free
Super Mega 360 10990 180 180 Free
Super Mega 640 19990 320 320 Free
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Can existing customers enjoy this bundle upgrade?
Yes. This bundle upgrade is given to existing customers already. (Except Max Downloader1290- D1290- Broadband on Mobile customers will receive the new bundles in the new bill runs starting from 30th November) The additional bundle has been added to their existing bundle. From the following bill run, the customers will get above bundles continuously.
Can newly joining customers enjoy the upgraded bundles?
What is the offered router and the contract period?
A Huawei B310s router will be offered to the newly joining Zoom1790, Zoom2490, Zoom3490, Zoom6490, Super Mega 360, Super Mega 640 customers for free for a 36-month contract period. If the customer deactivates the account before 36 months, a penalty fee will be applied.
Is this a seasonal promotion?
No. Customers can enjoy the upgraded bundles continuously under the terms and conditions of Mobitel Pvt Ltd.
Is there a change in deposit/ connection fee/ other charges?

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