Credit Share

What is Credit share?
Credit share is a facility provided by Mobitel to send and receive credit between Mobitel Prepaid numbers
Who can use this service?
Mobitel Prepaid users can use this service
If I am using a Postpaid connection, can I share credit to a Postpaid user or Prepaid user or receive a share from a Prepaid user?
No. this service is available only for Prepaid users and allowed between Prepaid users.
What are the requirements a user should fulfill in order to use this service?
a. An active Prepaid connection as the sharer
b. Sufficient account balance to use Share service
Eg: - to share Rs.100 to a particular number, sharer should have a minimum account balance of Rs.123.67
c. An active Prepaid connection as the receiver
d. The cumulative usage of the individual account should equal or higher than Rs.350 to eligible for Credit Share service
I have a new connection bought recently with its first recharge, can I share credit using this connection?
No. initial recharge is blocked for share facility. It needs to complete second recharge and above to access the credit share service
How can I share credit to another Prepaid user?
It’s simple, Dial *448*Receiver Mobitel Number*Amount# from your Mobitel Prepaid number
Eg: - to share Rs.100 to 0712755777, sharer should dial *448*0712755777*100#
What are the amounts, which can be transfer using Share facility?
Minimum amount can be shared Rs.10
Maximum amount can be shared Rs.1500
Daily limit can be shared Rs.1500
How much will it charged to use this service?
Each access will be charged Rs.3 + taxes
How many days this shared amount will valid?
Any amount shared will have a validity period of 30 days
What are the services accessible from shared amount?
Shared amount can used to experience any service provided by Mobitel