Club Magnate


Club Magnate – Synonymous with prestige, is designed exclusively to recognize & reward high net worth, long term Mobitel subscribers. The programme offers its members a host of privileges and benefits including priority services, connectivity rewards and lifestyle privileges.
Club Magnate is not just a rewards program, it’s our commitment to offer customers the best in Mobile communication service
Who is it for? 
The programme is designed for both Post Paid (Voice/Data) and Pre Paid subscribers 
How would a subscriber qualify for the Club Magnate programme? 
To qualify for the programme, the subscribers should accrue a minimum of 30,000 points within a period of twelve months. The subscribers will then be categorized to 4 tiers based on the points acquired
Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
100,000 Points 60,000 Points 40,000 Points 30,000 Points
How will a member know, that he/she has qualified for the programme? 
  • Postpaid 
The qualifier (member) will receive a letter along with a membership card (“EXCLUSIVE” membership Card). 
  • Prepaid 
 A notification will be sent via a text message or a pre-recorded voice message. The membership details thereafter, can be accessed by dialing USSD code #557#. 
How can a subscriber earn points to qualify for the programme? 
 Points are awarded based on,
  • The total spend on all billing accounts for a period of 12 months (Excluding taxes and E service charges) Every Rs. 1 spent = 1 Point. 
  • Tenure - 2000 points (For each year in the network).
  • Timely settlement of bills (applicable for postpaid subscribers only).
What are the benefits /rewards offered to members through this programme?
1. Red Carpet service
2. Connectivity rewards 
3. Life Style privileges 
How can a member view/access the programme rewards? 
A member can access the programme rewards by dialing USSD code #557# or by logging in to MYACCOUNT  
What is the validity of the Club Magnate Membership? 
One Year 
How can a member renew Club Magnate membership at the end of the membership period?
The membership will be automatically renewed, provided the member meets the required criteria.  
The membership tier at the point of renewal will be dependent on the number of points a member has accrued for a period of 12 months. 
What will happen to the Club Magnate membership, if a member does not requalify for the program?
 A notification will be sent via a text message or a pre-recorded voice message.  All members must maintain the minimum points required to requalify for the program. 
What are the instances a member can lose his /her Club Magnate Membership? 
  • Disconnection on request 
  • Ownership Transfer 
  • Migrations from Pre paid to Post Paid or vice versa 
  • Termination of service by Mobitel as per directions from TRCSL or any other legal authority 
What are Partner offers? 
As a value addition to the loyalty programme, Mobitel have tied up with merchant partners to provide benefits to Club Magnate members in terms of discounts, vouchers, special offers etc. Member should produce his /her membership card or flash his/her membership ID by dialing USSD code #557# to avail these offers.
How can a member know about partner offers? 
The offers will be communicated periodically via SMS and E mail. You can also access USSD code #557# to check ongoing offers. 
How can a member share feedback / suggestions/concerns about the program?
You can do so by calling the Customer Care Hotline 1717 or by sending an E mail to