One Card Faq's


  • What is ONE CARD service?

One card (In collaboration with WST system) which has been designed using Near Field Technology (NFC) is currently been used in supporting classes for students in order to connect teachers, students and parents. This card basically acts as a student tracker, and as a result both parents and teachers will be able to monitor any situation at key times.

  • What are the benefits?




1.    The message of attendance of a child to the class can be transmitted immediately to the parents

2.    The message can be transmitted immediately to the parents about the time a class finishes

3.    Parents can be informed of additional classes

4.    Due to an emergency if the classes are not held, parents as well as students may be informed accordingly

5.    The message can be transmitted to the parents as well as children about additional classes and time tables


Possibility to know immediately

·         about the child’s presence at the class

·         about the exact time the class ends

·         If any payments are due by the child

·         monthly assessment of the child with marks

·         extra time of the classes


1.    Ability to have the lessons that are taught when absent

2.    Ability to check study chapters that are due to be taught

3.    Possibility to know early if the class extends on special needs.

4.    Ability to check if scheduled classes are cancelled due to an emergency

5.    Possibility to receive notes, assignments, question papers, given by the teacher through the website


  • Valid period

Once the subscription fee has been deducted, the service will be valid for 1 month. If the balance is insufficient, system will deduct the subscription fee only for a week, thus providing the service for another week. During that period the subscriber has to recharge the account.

If the subscriber doesn’t have sufficient credit to be charged for a week, subscriber will be given a grace period of 7 days, where customer will be able to use the service free for 7 days. During this period if the subscriber doesn’t recharge the account, he/she will not be able to use the service after the last day of the grace period.

  • How to subscribe and de-subscribe the service?





REG<Space> WSTS to 219

DEREG<Space>WSTS/DREG <Space>WSTS to 219


REG<Space> WSTP to 219

DEREG<Space>WSTP/DREG <Space>WSTP to 219


REG<Space> WSTT to 219

DEREG<Space>WSTT/DREG <Space>WSTT to 219


  • Who can subscribe to this service?

Any post/pre Mobitel customer can subscribe to the service; given the respective supporting class has the WST system (One card technology) implemented.


  • Charges (Subscription fee)




Charged Rs: 99/= + Tax as subscription per month.

Charged Rs: 499/= + Tax as subscription per month.



SMS and IVR charges

  • Short Code - 219
  • SMS to 219 Rs.1.00 + TAX per SMS (Mobile originate)
  • IVR Charging : 1 LKR +Tax per minute
  • Details of the contact person:
  • Chaminda Kandamby 071-7179797