What is Sadaham Asapuwa Product? 
It is an automated outbound dialling service that delivers requested religious content (Seth Kavi) at a pre-configured time on daily basis.   
How to subscribe the service?
Subscribe - Dial 933 and follow the instructions 
Deregistration – Dial 933 and follow the instructions 
Can subscribers configure the time for receiving the OBD call? 
Yes. There is an option to configure the time if required. Customer can type and set the time preference.
Who can subscribe the service?
Any Pre Paid and Post Paid customers can subscribe the service. 

IVR Charge per min  (Post Paid + Pre Paid subs)

Rs.  2

Post Paid  Monthly Revenue per subscription - ( Each Seth Kavi)

Rs. 30

Pre Paid Monthly Revenue per subscription (Rs. 1 Per day )- ( Each Seth Kavi)

Rs. 30

Are there any alternative way to access the requested content?
Subscribers can dial the IVR code 933 and access the scheduled daily content. Rs 2.00 per minute + taxes will be charged for dialling 933. 
Who is the Content Provider?
Rev. Deegala Piyadassee Thero.