NSB iSaver

  • What is this new service? (NSB Bank Deposit Collection Via mCash Channel / I-Saver)

NSB Bank Customers can visit any mCash Retailer point island wide and deposit money to their bank accounts. (Savings and Current accounts). After the deposit customer will receive a SMS confirmation and his money will be updated in the bank account instantly.

Even we have allowed third party deposits to NSB Bank Accounts, Anyone with a Valid NIC number can visit mCash Retailer and deposit money to a NSB Account.


  • What are the Bank accounts enabled for this service?

Any Rupee Active Savings Account at NSB. (Excluding none active, other currency type)


  •  What are the locations NSB customers can make a NSB bank account deposit?

·         Mobitel Branches

·         SLT Teleshops Branches

·         Singer Mega locations

·         mCash Retailers island wide

·         MM Retailers island wide (Sanasa Banks, MPCS, etc.)


  • What are the Locations which are not accepting NSB Deposits at the launch, but will be available Later?


·         Pay&Go Kiosks/ Singer/keels/Cargills/Abans/Lanka bell


  • What are the extra charges for customer when depositing money at mCash Retailers?

No Charges. Service is free.

(E.g.: Customer give Rs.1, 000 to the retailer, his account will be credited Rs.1, 000)


  • Who are the Retailers has this option to accept NSB Bank deposits?

Any active mCash Retailer has the option


  • What are the mCash Retailer interfaces can do this NSB Bank deposit transactions?

·         USSD Menu (Retailers who use basic mobile phone)

·         mCash Retailer Web Interface ( including MM Retailers)


  • What is the Limit for mCash Retailer on NSB Bank Account Deposit?

·         Per Transaction for NSB Deposit is Rs.5,000 (Maximum)

·         Per Day for a NSB account limit is Rs.5,000

·         Per Customer NSB account limit is Rs.5,000


  • Is there a Limit for the NSB customer on NSB Bank Account Deposit?

Per Transaction / Per Day, for a NSB bank account number customer can deposit maximum Rs.5, 000.

Next Day customer can deposit for the same bank account up to another Rs.5, 000.


·         Customer A - Deposit Rs.5, 000 to NSB Bank Ac no 123456789102 Today

·         Customer A can’t deposit again to NSB Bank Ac no 123456789102 Today

·         Customer A Can deposit again to NSB Bank Ac no 123456789102 Tomorrow

·         And, Customer A can’t Deposit Rs.5, 000 to NSB Bank Ac no 123456781111 Today too


  • What are the benefits NSB Customer getting by depositing money at a mCash Retailer?

·         Convenience by having a deposit location near to the customer.

·         Instant SMS confirmation for the deposited amount

·         Instantly funds added to NSB Bank Account

·         NSB Bank Confirmation SMS to depositor’s mobile number soon after the deposit

·         Completely Free / No extra fees*

·         Even third party (with a valid NIC) can make the NSB Bank deposit at mCash Retailer

·         Enjoy Extra Banking hours / can deposit money on Weekends / even Banking Holidays.


  • What a walk in customer should provide in order to make a NSB Deposit at mCash Retailers?

·        NSB Bank Account Number

·        Deposit Amount

·        Depositor’s NIC Number

·        Depositor’s Mobile Number


  • What if customer forgot his/her NSB account number?

Customer can call NSB Call Centre - 0710 379 379 and give his/her NIC Number NSB Bank will verify few details with the customer and provide the account number to deposit money.


  • How to do a NSB bank account deposit on Retailer USSD Menu?


  • What are the SMS Confirmation Customer receive at the retailer after depositing money?


Customer will receive 02 SMSs;

From mCash – Confirming the transaction

mCash Bank Deposit’s Bank.2017-07-04 12:01 Rs.1, 000 Transaction Charge Rs.00.00 Bank A/C 938803456789 Paid at SUNETHCOMP Ref No 123456.”


From NSB/011 437 3100 – Confirming the Bank Deposit

NSB Accepted Deposit of Rs.1, 000 to Account Number 938803456789 from mCash: Ref No: 20170806152628517064”


  • What are the hotline numbers available for customers to make their inquiries / complaints?


Customers           –   Dial 7111                       (mCash / Mobitel Staff)

                                         –   Dial 0710 379379          (NSB / NSB Staff)