mInsurance – Accidental Life Insurance Cover FAQ

What is mInsurance?

  • This is an insurance cover which can be obtained by Mobitel prepaid and post-paid customers by sending a SMS. Once the registration is complete customer is eligible for the below cover

Type of Cover

Value of the Cover per Unit

Natural Death

Cover 100,000LKR

Accidental Death and/or Permanent disability

Cover 500,000LKR


Validity period

  • Postpaid customers – Monthly
  • Prepaid customers – Daily

How is the fee deducted?

  • Once a customer subscribes to this service the premium will be automatically deducted for the relevant month/Daily. And customer will be covered for the following month/day upon successful charging based on the customer’s connection type (Prepaid/Postpaid)

How to subscribe and de-subscribe?

  • To subscribe type “reg” and send it to 220
  • To DE subscribe type “dreg” and send to 220

Who can subscribe?

Any post/pre customers excluding the following categories at the initial stage.

  • Mobitel corporates
  • Mobitel Demos
  • Liyasara
  • Customers without a valid NIC
  • Customers age below 18 and above 6

Who is the insurance provider?

  • Allianz and Janshakthi Life


Chargers ?

  • Rs.50.00 (Inclusive of all taxes) per month for postpaid customers
  • Daily Rs.2 (Inclusive of all taxes) for prepaid customers
  • SMS to 220 Rs.2.00 (taxes) per SMS (Mobile originate)
  • Dialing 220 Free


How to nominate the nominee?

     By sending a letter/form/alteration form with following information

  • Customer’s Mobitel number
  • Nominee’s name, contact number and address
  • Nominee’s NIC copy
  • Note: Nominee’s age should be above 18

How to claim?

  • In case of a claim customer should submit the relevant document to Mobitel and Mobitel will direct the document to Allianz insurance to process. For further clarifications on the submitted documents the customer has to coordinate with Allianz and the relevant contact details will be provided to the customer by Mobitel contact center.


What are Terms and conditions?

  • Terms and condition can be accessed by dialing the IVR code 220 or via Exclusions: (Subscribers will not be covered under this policy subjected to the followings)
  • Pre-existing physical conditions
  • Engaging in Hazardous sports
  • Flying except as passenger
  • Self-inflicted injury
  • Under the influence of Alcohol and drugs
  • Riot & Strike
  • War, Civil war etc.
  • Radio-active Contamination
  • While on duty as a Military service etc


How the monthly premium is reflected in the post-paid bill?

  • MInsurance


Contact number for Mobitel Contact center for further clarifications?

  • Kasun - 0712126466