SLT Mobitel introduces “CHAMP” Child Watch to safeguard children

SLT Mobitel introduces “CHAMP” Child Watch to safeguard children

The National Mobile Service Provider SLT Mobitel in its vision to embark on the next level of technology progress and to further secure the safety of children, has introduced the ‘CHAMP’ Child Watch, a sleek, technology advanced, easy-to-use child location tracker that will ensure the protection of children at all times.

Keeping in line with vision of the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure, the new SLT Mobitel child location tracker is expected to fulfill all the modern day needs of parents and children alike. To provide and ensure adequate security as a value addition in SLT Mobitel’s wide portfolio of ICT technology and services, SLT Mobitel has taken vital steps to safeguard the future generation of the country with the launch of this product. 

The ‘CHAMP’ Child Watch is a water resistant GPS locator that is especially designed for children. The technologically superior device can locate the whereabouts of a child in real-time. Furthermore, the two way voice communication system on the device provides added convenience where parents can call the child at any time to see how they are doing.

The key features include an easy set-up that allows parents to simply download the app from the Android app store to get started. The location tracker is the key feature that offers real time updates using GPS while the SOS button is also available for triggering alerts. Using the Android app, parents can add up to 10 contacts to the phonebook, where only these contacts can call or SMS to the watch. In case of an emergency, the child can use the SOS button on the watch to send out an alert to the contacts added or even call any of the contacts using the phonebook. Parents can also set a Safe Zone on the app to be alerted if the child steps out of this geographic location. There is also a footprint tracker option where parents can view a summary of where their child has been throughout the day.

The watch is available at all SLT Mobitel outlets islandwide and is priced at Rs. 2,500 with a special Post-Paid Package for the watch.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016
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