SLT-MOBITEL continues to expand 5G Trial Developments in Sri Lanka

SLT-MOBITEL continues to expand 5G Trial Developments in Sri Lanka

Re affirming its commitment to further enhancing its 5G application eco-system in Sri Lanka, SLT-MOBITEL recently partnered with Pristine Innovations (Pvt), one of leading IT and ERP solution providers, to create a platform, enabling 5G-based low latency application developments in Sri Lanka.

The collaboration has established a networking platform for ecosystem partners to gain insights on 5G technology and its capabilities, digitization prospects, and promote co-innovation by encouraging the use of 5G technology. Local industries and the nation are expected to benefit from this collaboration.

In a pioneering project, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as NB-IOT, AI, in addition to 5G strengths, the teams from SLT-MOBITEL and Pristine have successfully demonstrated a 5G based Remote Control Racing Car and a 5G Based FPV Racing Drone, both developed internally. The control and video streaming related communication for both units were facilitated through SLT-MOBITEL’s state-of-the-art 5G trial network.

SLT-MOBITEL is recognised for creating and nurturing a vibrant ecosystem of partners and start-ups to support faster adoption of next-generation technologies, encouraging the formation and expansion of digitization opportunities and empowering digital lifestyles.

SLT-MOBITEL also understands the value of 5G and AI as core technologies towards realizing a new world and new lifestyles. Taking a co-creation approach, SLT-MOBITEL aims to work with enterprises and system integrators, to develop innovative solutions.

Initiating co-innovation with enterprises and system integrators, SLT-MOBITEL intends to develop new solutions and experiences for enterprises helping consumers unlocking the full benefits 5G technology has to offer and support the development of an unlimited range of industrial applications that could contribute to the accelerated digitalisation of local industries.

Recognising 5G as a game-changer, SLT-MOBITEL was the first to trial the technology in South Asia in 2018. Ushering the 5G revolution, offering a powerful futuristic mobile experience for customers, the company also expanded its 5G pre-commercial trial network across main cities in the country, setting pathways in enabling customers to experience the possibilities of 5G technology seamlessly.

In taking the lead and gearing towards offering innovative and transformative 5G technologies, SLT-MOBITEL is equipped with state-of-the art network infrastructure and has undertaken massive network modernization and expansion projects.

SLT-MOBITEL 5G Powered Drone and Remote-Controlled Car

Released date: 
Thursday, July 6, 2023
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