SLT-MOBITEL Mobile Introduces ‘mPOWER’ Postpaid Packages for Unparalleled Connectivity Experience

In an endeavour to offer superior value with best-in-class network experience to customers, SLT-MOBITEL Mobile introduced ‘mPOWER’ offering unparalleled connectivity and benefits to all Postpaid Mobile customers. 

The mPOWER Postpaid packages enable users to talk, text and surf online round-the-clock without any worry of being running out of data and talk time or experience speed restrictions. By allowing customers to select the plans that best suit them, SLT-MOBITEL Mobile empowers users to always remain connected and explore more, experience more with their devices.
Designed to fulfill the growing demand of 360-degree communication solutions, the newly introduced mPOWER packages comes in three main categories namely mPOWER 350, mPOWER 750 and mPOWER Unlimited where customers can enjoy anytime data with no daytime-night-time restrictions. Customers can also upgrade their existing packages catering to their current work and play necessities, by selecting the plans that are most suitable to them. 
The mPOWER 350 package offers 500 minutes talk-time to any network, 1000 M2M SMS and 3GB anytime data while the mPOWER 750 provides 1000 M2M SMS, 1000 M2M and 500 minutes talk-time to other networks and 7GB anytime data. The mPOWER Unlimited package powers users with unlimited M2M minutes and unlimited M2M SMS backed by 2000 minutes talk time to other networks and 12GB anytime data.
The mPOWER packages have been designed to help individuals master their life and meet the remarkable changes they face in today’s transformed, post-pandemic environment. With the launch of mPOWER Post-Paid Packages, SLT-MOBITEL Mobile is offering consumers the choice of adding data addons for additional data requirement thus providing value for money and assuring everyone is connected to fulfill their needs in a hassle-free manner. 
Released date: 
Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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