eChannelling shines at TAGS Award 2023

eChannelling shines at TAGS Award 2023


eChannelling PLC, the largest Doctor Channelling Network in Sri Lanka and subsidiary of SLT-MOBITEL, clinched a Bronze Award under the Service Sector category at the TAGS Awards 2023 organized by CA Sri Lanka.

The prestigious TAGS (Transparency, Accountability, Governance, and Sustainability) Awards ceremony, hosted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka), formerly known as the Annual Report Awards, boasts a 58-year history and aims to highlight the significance of trust, individuality, and collective responsibility in fostering progress, sustainability, and positive change. The awards recognized organizations that excelled in corporate reporting, emphasizing pillars such as transparency, accountability, governance, and sustainability.

eChannelling received the award for its 2022 Annual Report titled ‘Pathways to Digital Lifestyles’ that embraces benchmarks of governance and sustainability in communication. The annual report was also cited for adhering to Global Reporting Initiatives standards and effectively highlighting the company's role as a digital healthcare and lifestyle services enabler. Despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the economic challenges, the report showcases eChannelling's resilience and commitment to fostering health and wellness for the nation.

Additionally, eChannelling's noteworthy achievements that led to the recognition include compliance with standards issued by CA Sri Lanka, having demonstrated accountability and transparency, ability to uphold corporate governance principles, ensuring accuracy and reliability in reporting, and prioritized sustainability reporting. eChannelling was also praised for engaging effectively with stakeholders and maintaining sound financial performance. The robust evaluation process, comprising several tiers of assessment, also added to the credibility of the award.

The accolade marks a milestone for eChannelling, as the company has been securing the Silver award on 2020 and Bronze award for its Annual Reports in 2018, 2019, and 2021.

As eChannelling PLC celebrates two decades of transforming lives, it is also earmarking an exciting future. The company is set to transform the digital ecosystem of the nation by accelerating and enabling significant strategic shifts in digital health care and lifestyle through cutting-edge products and superior service offerings.’

Powering eChannelling’s ground-breaking spirit is SLT-MOBITEL, whose technology and platforms have contributed to the digitalisation and enrichment of healthcare for the nation.


left to right

  1. Samankumari Amarasighe - Senior Manager Information System, eChannelling PLC
  2. Isuru Dissanayake – Senior General Manager, eChannelling PLC
  3. Sandun Randeni - Manager Finance, eChannelling PLC


Released date: 
Thursday, December 28, 2023
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