SLT-MOBITEL continues to assist Hospitals to fight against COVID 19

Donates Multipara Monitors to Balapitiya Base Hospital 

In its continued efforts to help the healthcare sector better combat the COVID-19 pandemic, SLT-MOBITEL the National ICT Solution Provider, donated three vital Multi Para Monitors to the Balapitiya Base Hospital recently.
SLT-MOBITEL Officials handed over the equipment to Dr. K. Samarathna, Hospital Director, Balapitiya Base Hospital. 
SLT-MOBITEL understands that patient monitoring systems are essential for the management and care of patients. The donated monitors valued at over Rs 1.5 million, are equipped with advanced features and can observe and evaluate a patient’s care, and physiological functions such as heart and respiratory rate and serves to improve patient care, resulting in saving lives.
As the National ICT Solutions Provider, SLT-MOBITEL remains fully committed to aiding the national efforts in combating the spread of the deadly pandemic. Previously the organisation has donated five PCR machines to leading government hospitals island wide to further enhance PCR testing capabilities.
SLT-MOBITEL officials handing over the Multi Para Monitors to Dr. K. Samarathna, Hospital Director, Balapitiya Base Hospital. 
Released date: 
Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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