SLT-MOBITEL Becomes the first telco to offer ‘Eco Channelling Delivery’ - a sustainable initiative connecting medication solution to doorsteps via eChannelling

SLT-MOBITEL Becomes the first telco to offer ‘Eco Channelling Delivery’ - a sustainable initiative connecting medication solution to doorsteps via eChannelling

eChannelling, the channelling arm of SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT, Telecommunications and Mobile Services Provider launched its novel product ‘Eco Channelling Delivery’ a doorstep distribution system for medication, personalising healthcare further and creating a more environmentally friendly distribution mechanism.

Importantly, SLT-MOBITEL is the first telco brand to launch this novel, sustainable and valuable service. Medication once ordered is delivered to customers within the day via a bicycle manned by an SLT-MOBITEL’s mAgent with an affordable charge of only Rs 200/- comprising a 5km radius of Colombo 1-8 from the vendor - a reputed Hospital pharmacy in Colombo 3.

mAgent are individuals empowered by SLT-MOBITEL to support this worthy initiative and further expand SLT-MOBITEL’s products and services across Sri Lanka.

Individuals have the option of ordering their requirements on a daily basis by clicking the ‘Eco channelling’ quick access through the website or by downloading the echannelling app, and delivery will take place between 4.00pm-6.00pm daily. An e-statement on the billed value will be forwarded by the vendor. Customers can settle payment via either cash on delivery, effect online payments or through POS machines.

The main objective of eChannelling’s ‘Eco Channelling Delivery’ initiative is to provide uninterrupted service during these challenging times that the country is going through. ‘Eco Channelling Delivery’ ensures prompt and attentive service with medication delivery guaranteed within a day.

The timely drive is implemented understanding the present country situation faced by society to fulfil their basic needs due to numerous issues. Additionally, commuting using a bicycle is environmentally friendly and a sustainable solution, as zero fuel and electric consumption for transportation contributes towards a healthier change in lifestyles and wellbeing.

eChannelling has continuously opened new avenues in creating a convenient lifestyle for society through the digital era using web and app platforms. Eco Delivery is undertaken by the SLT-MOBITEL’s logistical arm through its mAgent service and part of the organisation’s commitment to help the nation receive essential medication through a prescription delivered to one’s doorstep seven days of the week.

eChannelling plans to expand the delivery service island wide, accommodating customers and the healthcare sector in addition to many more integrations with an array of service providers to facilitate a more convenient and reliable doorstep process driven delivery mechanism.

SLT-MOBITEL Mobile mAgent team & a customer receiving the medication from an mAgent


Released date: 
Monday, July 18, 2022
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