SLT-MOBITEL’s eChannelling pioneers yet another first partnering Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate reservations for document attestation

SLT-MOBITEL’s eChannelling pioneers yet another first partnering Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate reservations


eChannelling, the channelling arm of SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT Solutions Provider has pioneered yet another first by partnering with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to offer digitized reservations for document attestation, offering improved efficiency and enhanced convenience for Sri Lankans.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays a crucial role as the governing body of international activities and handling the essential operation of document assertion for citizens. On average there are 40 variants of documents to be approved based on an individual’s needs.

Especially for citizens who are planning to migrate and for Foreign Ministry staff, eChannelling’s online document verification solution fills a vital need of a system to manage the queue effectively and ensuring a reduction of traffic outside and inside the offices. Additionally, the service offers greater convenience in reducing the complexity of people’s busy schedules.

All six (06) branches of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs branches, including the Consular Office in Colombo and regional offices located in Kandy, Jaffna, Kurunegala, Matara and Trincomalee are now empowered with the eChannelling’s online validation system and connected via a central digital platform enabling an easy booking of appointments anytime and anywhere, for customers to attest their documents.

Through the eChannelling service, a citizen can make an appointment and reserve a slot by selecting the preferred branch, date and time by visiting, through the eChannelling Mobile App, or by dialling 225 from any network or 1225 for SLT-MOBITEL home numbers.

Charges for an appointment is only Rs Rs.99. Once booking of the appointment is completed, the customer will receive a confirmation SMS and email with the appointment details. On the date of the appointment date, a reminder SMS will also be generated. With minimum hassle, customers can visit the selected branch, verify the appointment details at the entrance, and proceed to attest their documents at designated counters.

The partnership between eChannelling and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aligned with the Government’s ambition to create a digitalized economy leveraging advanced technology to power its institutions. The collaboration also paves the way for a digitally inclusive society where services of an important Institute can be accessed by citizens safely and securely through the eChannelling’s platform.

eChannelling, conceptualized two decades ago has proved that a digitally enabled channelling arm brings immeasurable benefits to the people of the nation. The service has empowered Sri Lankans from all walks of life, thousands living abroad, as well as tourists, to obtain state-of-the-art digital lifestyle and healthcare services at the touch of their fingertips. The new service showcases the brand bridging service gaps, providing the public an effective and efficient solution in a user-friendly way and leading Sri Lanka to the next phase of digital revolution.

Released date: 
Friday, September 30, 2022
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