SLT-MOBITEL eChannelling wins Best Management Practices Award for driving exemplary standards

SLT-MOBITEL eChannelling wins Best Management Practices Award for driving exemplary standards

Recognised for driving exemplary standards, eChannelling, Sri Lanka’s largest channelling network, and arm of SLT-MOBITEL, was conferred the ‘Best Management Practices Company Award 2023’ in the category for Software Development/Heath care Service Provider. The accolade was presented at the Best Management Practices Company Awards 2023 ceremony organised by the Institute of Chartered Professional Managers of Sri Lanka (CPM) which was held recently.

The prestigious Awards aim to acknowledge Sri Lankan public and private sector companies/institutions for their organisational growth and success. The awards also endorse the best practices in the management of Companies during 2022 while acknowledging their leadership, policies, and strategies, people management, partnerships and resources, processes, and performances.

eChannelling’s submission highlighted the implementation of best practices in business management on a day-to-day basis in every department. Special emphasis was on the company’s deployment of a fully-fledged Customer Relationship Management Data (CRM System) which analyzes big data with an entire Sales force automation method.

The total CRM solution has enabled eChannelling to further improve its systems and processors and venture into new opportunities in its business perspectives and growth. It has also contributed to the expansion in key areas such as increasing revenue, reducing the workload while boosting employee performance, and increasing client relationships.

The award scheme was through an exhaustive process undertaken by an eminent panel who perused a written submission and observed an oral presentation of the company.

eChannelling’s has continuously demonstrated its commitment to improving healthcare facilities for all citizens. As a recipient of the ‘Best Management Practices Company Award 2023’ eChannelling is showcased as a trailblazer paving the way for tremendous growth in their industry and among communities.

From left: Apeksha Jayawardhane - Manager Client Relations/Projects, Mohan Ajitkumar - Senior Manager Business Development, Dhammika Alahakoon - Senior Manager Finance, Samankumari Amarasinghe - Senior Manager Information Systems, Daham de Silva - Executive Digital Marketing

Released date: 
Tuesday, April 4, 2023
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