SLT-MOBITEL together with Marians Launch Sri Lanka’s First 3D Music Video ‘Tharunai Thaama’

SLT-MOBITEL together with Marians Launch Sri Lanka’s First 3D Music Video ‘Tharunai Thaama’

Unveils First 3D Commercial and mStudio, an original music platform to empower Sri Lankans

Redefining the horizons in the music industry, SLT-MOBITEL together with Marians and 360 Productions Group (Pvt) Ltd, launched Sri Lanka’s first 3D music video ‘Tharunai Thaama’, synergizing music, technology, and cutting-edge production in celebration of Marian’s 35th Anniversary. The gala event which took place on 1st of June at PVR cinemas also marked a monumental milestone for SLT-MOBITEL as it unveiled ‘mStudio’ Sri Lanka’s first original online music platform along with its first 3D commercial.

The creation of Marians ‘Tharunai Thaama’ depicts the excellence of technology prowess coupled with state-of-the-art VFX music and rendering. This groundbreaking project, which spanned over 3 months has pushed the boundaries of creativity and technical integration, introducing Sri Lanka to a whole new dimension of visual storytelling.

By embracing the wonders of 3D stereoscopic technology, ‘Tharunai Thaama’ provides an immersive 3D viewing experience along with intricate scenes and mind-boggling visual effects in crystal clear 4K resolution. Audiences can now immerse themselves in music in a way that surpasses traditional norms, where sight and sound converge harmoniously. ‘Tharunai Thaama’ testifies that with the right blend of imagination, technical expertise, and a pioneering spirit, even the most audacious dreams can be turned into reality.

In addition, SLT-MOBITEL’s mStudio brings to life the daring dreams of aspiring musicians by empowering them to unleash talents, connect beyond boundaries and perform quality acoustic renditions, all in one stage. The launch of mStudio is set to revolutionize the local music industry through the power of technology, providing an original online platform for aspiring Sri Lankans to elevate their musical talents and lead the domestic musical industry to the next phase of advancement.

As ‘Tharunai Thaama’ music video sets its sights on dazzling audiences across the nation, it is a proud moment for Sri Lanka's creative community. This trailblazing project has not only showcased Sri Lanka’s potential in the realm of visual arts but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists to push the boundaries of what is possible.

With ‘Tharunai Thaama’ viewers can embark on a futuristic journey to a world where imagination has no bounds, and engage in a visual extravaganza that will ignite your senses and leave an indelible mark on Sri Lanka's music landscape. For more information, please visit

Released date: 
Monday, June 5, 2023
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