eChannelling recognised with ‘Best Management Practices Company Awards 2024’ by CPM for showcasing excellence

eChannelling recognised with ‘Best Management Practices Company Awards 2024’ by CPM for showcasing excellence


eChannelling PLC, the country’s largest channelling network and subsidiary of SLT-MOBITEL, was honoured with the Merit award at the ‘Best Management Practices Company Awards 2024’, organized by the Institute of Chartered Professional Managers (CPM) of Sri Lanka recently. Winning the Merit Award endorses eChannelling’s commitment and dedication to implementing best practices and innovative solutions in the healthcare sector.

Being a total healthcare solutions provider in Sri Lanka, eChannelling PLC's recognition in this category emphasises the company's significant impact on the healthcare industry through the implementation of cutting-edge solutions and best management practices. The CPM Awards held annually, to celebrate the growth and accomplishments of organisations, within both the public and private sectors of Sri Lanka.

The awards acknowledge the exemplary management practices adopted by companies throughout 2023, recognizing their outstanding leadership, strategic policies, adept people management, collaborative partnerships, efficient resource utilization, streamlined processes, and remarkable performances.

The recognition is a testament to eChannelling PLC's successful implementation of the Running Number System in leading hospitals, providing patients with the ability to track live ongoing numbers in respective hospitals. The innovative system has been implemented in renowned healthcare institutions such as Nawaloka Hospital, Durdans Hospital, The Centre for Diabetes Endocrinology and Cardio-Metabolism (CDEM), Golden Key, Ceymed, Seth Sevena, Galle Co-operative Hospital, Channelled Consultation Centre (CCC), and leading pharmacies, enhancing the overall patient experience and operational efficiency.

Additionally, eChannelling PLC's adoption of the eReceipt concept has further demonstrated the company's commitment to digital transformation in healthcare. The eReceipt concept involves the digitalization of receipts or transaction records in electronic format, providing patients with electronic receipts for medical consultations, procedures, medications, and other healthcare services. This initiative not only enhances the patient experience but also contributes to operational efficiency and environmental sustainability by transitioning from traditional paper-based receipts to digital transaction records in healthcare settings.

eChannelling PLC's dedication to implementing best practices on a day-to-day basis across all departments, contributing to the company's strong brand image and building confidence among its stakeholders. The recognition further strengthens eChannelling PLC's position as a leader in healthcare technology, committed to driving positive change and innovation in the industry.

eChannelling's achievement reflects positively for SLT-MOBITEL's reputation and customer trust as a leader in its industry, known for its commitment to excellence and adherence to best management practices across its subsidiaries and ventures.


Released date: 
Friday, March 29, 2024
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