SLT-MOBITEL Senior Engineer Pramodya Senanayaka awarded prestigious IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year 2021

SLT-MOBITEL’s Senior Engineer Packet Core Operations, Pramodya Senanayaka won the prestigious IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year 2021 award, at an event held recently organized by the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

The award aims to showcase dynamic talent who represent the very best of the profession, an influential individual among young women engineers who is able to inspire the next generation of engineering students as well as females on the verge of selecting engineering as a career path. Further, the award also assessed the finalists based on their vision on how they are able to inspire the ladies to take up the leadership to take Sri Lanka and the world towards the goals of sustainable development.

Having started the career at Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd. in 2015, Pramodya has been through numerous training programs to further enhance her skills and knowledge. She is also a former Sri Lanka Women's National Chess Champion and currently serves in the National Selection Committee for Chess.


Senior Engineer Pramodya Senanayaka with the prestigious IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year 2021 Award

Released date: 
Wednesday, April 20, 2022
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