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Wednesday, 19th පෙබරවාරි 2020

Mobitel powers Sri Lanka’s largest PUBG Mobile league tournament

Isuru Dissanayake- Senior General Manager- Marketing exchanging the MOU with Raveen Wijeyetilake, CEO – flanked by Suneth Haputhanthri- Senior Manager, Prepaid and Digital Services (right), Alifa Rizwan – Senior Product Executive- Digital Services (left).
Over 300 teams lock horns for the grand prize of Rs 1 million
With a pledge to build the eSports category, Mobitel, the premier connectivity provider in partnership with Gamer.LK has come forward to power Sri Lanka’s largest Mobile league tournament. PUBG Mobile is a third person combat game known to be one of the most popular mobile games played in South Asia with millions of youth connecting online to play through their smartphones.
Bringing the excitement to Sri Lanka, The Mobitel Esports Premier League will feature a team from each of the 9 provinces of the island. Qualifiers for the tournament commenced on 8th February 2020 and a televised Grand Final will happen on 22nd February 2020 at Stein Studios, Ratmalana where the 9 teams - Eastern Gladiators, Kandurata Kings, Northern Rangers, Rajarata Giants, Sabaragamuwa Knights, Southern Sharks, Uva Bandits, Wayamba Raiders and Western Warriors – will battle each other to take home the Grand Prize. 
This record-breaking Esports tournament offers Rs. 1,000,000 in prize money and currently has over 300 squads participating, resulting in a record for Sri Lankan Esports in terms of the number of participants for a single-title tournament. Driven by Mobitel’s advanced 4G connectivity, thousands of spectators are expected to watch the action unfolding live through Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Mixer. 
Esports has grown rapidly in recent years and is today known to be the fastest growing sport in Sri Lanka. In the face of such significant growth, Esports was certified as an official sport in September 2019. Mobitel has built a reputation for supporting sports in Sri Lanka and recognizes the importance of promoting new sports where the country has potential to excel and reach international standards. Over the years, as the National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel has taken a number of progressive steps in its attempts to identify and empower young talent thereby helping foster the technological skills of the future generation. Through this tournament, Mobitel and Gamer.LK has been able to create a groundbreaking platform for the country’s young Esports competitors to showcase their talents, harness their skills and finetune strategies as they aim to take Sri Lanka's Esports to the global stage.
Gamer.LK has been at the forefront of promoting and developing Esports in Sri Lanka, organising Sri Lanka’s largest Esports events that has captured large audiences. Gamer.LK has also organised international Esports events such as the Esports South Asia Cup hosted in Sri Lanka in partnership with the National Olympic Committee.
Friday, 7th පෙබරවාරි 2020

Mobitel & Thuru’s tech-enabled reforestation project shortlisted for ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action award’ at prestigious GSMA Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards 2020  

Mobitel and Thuru’s joint project - ‘Reforestation through Technology’ - has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action award’ at GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2020, popularly known as the GLOMO Awards, scheduled to be held in Barcelona in February 2020, where winners will be announced.

This recognition is yet another feather in the cap for Mobitel which has embarked on far-reaching green sustainable initiatives powered by its core strength - technology. Mobitel partnered with Thuru’s intriguing digital reforestation innovation startup by being the technology and communication partner for Thuru and by co-innovating together to introduce many services and features with newest technology trends to make this initiative a game-changer. Mobitel and Thuru applied for GSMA GLOMO Awards under ‘Tech4Good - Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action’ category and was shortlisted for the same. GLOMO Awards recognise and celebrate those innovators who continue to build a connected world where mobile is enhancing our everyday lives, helping improve education, enabling greater political participation and driving higher economic growth. The awards celebrate major milestones and deep impact that mobile communications and it can be identified as the ‘Oscars of the mobile industry’ and help keep the spirit of innovation alive within the industry.

Thuru was one of the 10 finalists of the Season 2 of ‘Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak’, Sri Lanka’s first-ever innovation and entrepreneurship based tech reality TV show powered by Mobitel, as part of its strategy to launch sustainable products and services. With the aim of bringing joint synergies and strong potential for collaboration, the show brought Mobitel and Thuru to collaborate on reforestation initiative. Through the Thuru app, people can plant a real tree and monitor its progress. People can plant trees and upload images and details and the app will automatically generate points, and the person can climb up in the leader board as a true nature hero. The longer the person takes care of the tree and uploads images, the more points he gets. It will be a guide to tree planting and will help users link up with like-minded nature lovers and tree huggers across the globe. To promote a green mindset, Mobitel is extending a special data offer for Thuru users entitled, ‘Join Thuru, plant trees and earn Green Bytes (Data) from Mobitel’.

‘Reforestation initiative through Technology’ is one of the many under the purview of Mobitel’s green initiatives, as it breaks new ground in other sustainable areas such as utilizing renewable energy for its base station operations and promoting E-bill with a catchy campaign by planting trees for each E-bill registration of its subscribers along with Thuru. Mobitel plants trees in Mobitel base station locations to promote urban forestation and to offset/minimize the carbon dioxide emission caused by entire network. As the National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel has taken on the mantle of a mentor to nurture tech entrepreneurs and innovative startups that can succeed as successful businesses.

Mobitel, under its credo, ‘We Care. Always’, is focused on environmental and social responsibility initiatives and this collaboration provides an ideal balance of both technology and greening, while engaging the larger community to become conscious of the need to reforest Sri Lanka for future generations. Mobitel is continuously supporting and encouraging tech entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka, through many initiatives, to offer encouragement for innovators.

Monday, 3rd පෙබරවාරි 2020

Mobitel Cash Bonanza enlivens 2020 with the luxury giveaway of latest Mercedes Benz car

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