eChannelling wins prestigious award from Capital Finance International - UK

eChannelling wins prestigious award from Capital Finance International - UK


Recognising the use of technology to facilitate a digitally enabled health care service, eChannelling was bestowed with the coveted award by Capital Finance International - UK, recently.

The award presented for ‘Setting the best healthcare standard as ICT service provider for Sri Lanka reflects eChannelling’s robust dominance in the healthcare sector, where through technology, eChanelling has bridged the gap between hospitals, doctors and patients. This has improved the overall effectiveness and efficiency of hospitals, services and increased convenience as people don’t have to wait in long queues to get an appointment.

Commenting on the recognition, Nalin Perera, Director/CEO of eChannelling said, “We are proud and privileged to have won this award. It is indeed a significant milestone for us to know that our teams’ efforts, hard work, and dedication are being recognised and appreciated on a global scale. We devised eChannelling with a vision to create a platform for every Sri Lankan to access and obtain the best health services digitally, such as to book your doctor, obtain video consultation, drug delivery and many more. With this we have transformed the healthcare service offerings in the country by bridging the gap between service providers and the public through technology and improving effectiveness and efficiency in a user-friendly way. The sheer number of health care partners who have come onboard to eChannelling’s platform reflects its success, catering to millions of Sri Lankans residing island wide, thousands living abroad and as well as tourists. We are proud to have digitally empowered the society to take it towards our vision to build an info-com and knowledge-rich society.”

In bestowing this award, evaluated the role that eChannelling plays in the transformation of the health care sector in Si Lanka and the manner in which it has revolutionised the industry, noting that eChannelling’s streamlined digital platform has empowered patients to select the healthcare provider that best suits their needs via phone, web or app for added convenience. The panel of judges also took into consideration the uniqueness of eChannelling’s platform, ingenuity in pioneering digital healthcare, consistent service excellence and the value addition this has brought to people’s lives by enhancing productivity and modernising health care. Another reason for nominating eChannelling was the fact that it has developed a unique information system for a leading hospital in Sri Lanka, which is now being adopted by other healthcare institutions and govt. hospitals as well.

eChannelling’s portfolio includes a channelling system and service that has been implemented in 200-plus hospitals, private and Ayurvedic, with over 5,500 doctors, 2,000-plus channeling agents, a hospital Information system, member card, and a mobile app.

How the eChannelling service works

eChannelling is a user-friendly system designed to provide speed and convenience for its customers. The system is updated in real-time, so that patients can see the most up-to-date schedule of a consultant, make appointments with a consultant, and conduct the payment at their own convenience. Additional features include the doctor notification service, which sends an SMS notification to patients about the doctor’s arrival, delay or any other status for the specific session which is a free-of-charge service to all hospitals. This system also automatically sends an SMS messages to doctors to inform them about their appointment details for sessions at a hospital. eChannelling also includes a Queue Management Service that provides customers updates on the current serving appointment number at the room in the hospital for the doctor they have channelled. Moreover, eChannelling provides a Hospital Information System (HIS), which is an integrated hospital management software that supports the complete automation of operations of a multiple-care, residential hospital. eChannelling has also introduced a member card, which is a loyalty card that provides special discounts to customers to channel a doctor.


Nalin Perera, Director/CEO eChannelling PLC

About eChannelling

eChannelling PLC is a subsidiary of Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd, the first company in Sri Lanka to offer a complete e-commerce based service in the health sector and the first public quoted Technology Company in the Colombo Stock Exchange. Mobitel, the National Mobile Service Provider, has taken digital healthcare to the next level by including eChannelling PLC into its portfolio and strengthening its vital position in the telecommunications industry in the country.


Released date: 
Thursday, September 26, 2019
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