Mobitel Demonstrates 5G and Future Technologies at Shilpa Sena 2019

Mobitel Demonstrates 5G and Future Technologies at Shilpa Sena 2019

Bringing 5G and next generation technologies closer to the general public, Mobitel the National Mobile Service provider, yet again demonstrated its capabilities as the pioneer of 5G technology at the “Shilpa Sena Exposition”, organised by the Ministry of Science Technology and Research from 18th to 21st July at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Centre(BMICH).

At the exhibition, Mobitel was able to successfully deliver real time 5G experience with Gigabit speeds over a live 5G trial network to the general public. The Mobitel 5G showcase highlighted its undisputed leadership in providing unmatched broadband to Sri Lankans. Furthermore, by covering the combined strengths of 5G technology such as low latency, high capacity and ultra-reliability, Mobitel demonstrated various real world application scenarios in terms of Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Analytics together with Artificial Intelligence (AI), real world Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, and Smart Entertainment at the four-day exhibition minimizing the time-to-market between cutting-edge research and commercial product availability.

Embracing the Virtual Reality era, the public attending the exhibition will be able to enter into a virtual tour at Sigirya, or play cricket in a world-class virtual stadium in front of a jam-packed crowd cheering for them. Mobitel’s exhibit showcased the tremendous initiatives taken towards expediting a Smarter and Safer life to Sri Lankans by demonstrating applications such as Intelligent facial recognition system, Intelligent video surveillance and video analytics for intelligent business operations.

Being the platform for Industry 4.0 which is the new phase of industrial revolution that focuses on automation, interconnectivity, AI and real time data, Mobitel has taken several step towards collaborating and addressing the challenges. Targeting the Smart Industrial sector, which can be enhanced by making more informed decisions with gathered data in finer resolution via connected things, Mobitel has developed industrial IoT solutions in co-innovation with A&T Labs (pvt) Ltd. “ICON”, the IoT based industrial controller which consists of power management, data processing and communication modules with ruggedised protection for outdoor or industrial use, which integrates a number of sensors and actuators each having different communication protocols depending on user application was also demonstrated. The business potential of the product was evident by the numerous discussions and follow-on meetings on commercializing it in Sri Lanka. Linking all stakeholders in a technology solution was more easily at the Shilpa Sena event and more events of this nature will enhance Sri Lanka’s drive towards a Digital Sri Lanka.

Image 1 -  VR Roller Coaster experience

Image 2 - Students waiting to experience the future

Image 3- Hands-on experience in VR gaming


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Monday, July 22, 2019
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