Mobitel empowers special need children at SERRIC to conduct critical eLearning activities

Mobitel empowers special need children at SERRIC to conduct critical eLearning activities


Upholding its well respected credentials as a caring mobile service provider, Mobitel continues its national duty to the nation by swiftly responding to urgent needs of citizens during the prevailing situation that the country is facing. In its latest endeavor, Mobitel partnered with Senehasa Education Resource Research and Information Centre (SERRIC) to provide free connectivity, enabling Children with special needs at SERRIC to continue their learning activities via online platforms such as ZOOM and MS Teams.

Senehasa Education Resource Research and Information Centre operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Defence, providing therapeutic and academic facilities while functioning as a resource and information centre for caregivers and teachers of special needs children. These students have been confined to their homes due to the pandemic but need to remain in touch with their teachers until normalcy returns, so that they do not fall back on their learning. Many of the special needs students at the Institute are children of war heroes who themselves provide a selfless service to the nation. By providing free connectivity, Mobitel has ensured that the students located across the country can afford to continue their education via online learning platforms.

Mobitel’s customer centric approach is demonstrated by its prompt response to the current crisis by extending superior connectivity and value added packages to empower customers to push through during challenging times such as the COVID 19 situation. This is one more amongst a host of impactful and meaningful initiatives done by Mobitel to support the nation’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic whilst leading Sri Lanka towards an info com and knowledge rich society.

Major PR Greshan -Physiotherapist Officer, SERRIC, Lt. Col KPM De A. Wijesinghe - SOI(Admin), SERRIC, Sonia Kottegoda, Chairperson, SERRIC, Shashika Senerath, Chief Marketing Officer, Mobitel, Nuwan Perera, District Manager, Mobitel, Shihan Zahir, Assistant Manager, PR & CSR, Mobitel Savani Dissanayake, Assistant Manager, Broadband, Mobitel


Released date: 
Thursday, June 25, 2020
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