Mobitel further demonstrates the power of 5G at the launch of Ancient Technology Museum in Polonnaruwa

Mobitel further demonstrates the power of 5G at the launch of Ancient Technology Museum in Polonnaruwa

Mobitel further demonstrated exactly why it is hailed as the undisputed leader and pioneer of 5G technology in Sri Lanka, at the grand opening of the Ancient Technology Museum in Polonnaruwa recently.  The event was part of Mobitel’s vision to provide a new lease of life to national heritage through the use of digital technologies and also to ensure a 5G network of ultrafast connections are available not only in Colombo but in other economically advanced cities across the country. Of the many 5G applications at the show, witnessing Gigabit speeds on a 5G smartphone highlighted the raw power of Mobile 5G to all present at the museum opening.

Unlike 4G, which is mostly used for retail consumer data services, the Mobitel 5G networks can support billions of sensors installed in consumer and industrial products that constantly transfer information between machines and servers.

The students and adults present at the opening were treated to an immersive experience of a Virtual Reality based Cricket Game by Mobitel, which clearly highlighted the combined strengths of 5G technology, where large amounts of ultra-high definition video data was transmitted at very low latencies across multiple sensors and displays such that the human senses can enjoy the experience of playing cricket in a full stadium of loud and vocal supporters. Separate applications based on Robotics showcased at the event highlighted the extremely low latency offered through 5G, as well as Augmented Reality (AR) utilizing fast data transfer and cloud based processing for industrial use.

Mobitel’s pioneering activity to bring 5G with Mobility as opposed to Fixed devices was lauded by the Sri Lankan ICT community as it builds on the ubiquitous Mobile phone and smartphones which has empowered a generation of Sri Lankans to lead Sri Lanka towards an InfoComm and knowledge-rich society. Mobitel correctly identified Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Massive Internet-of-Things and Mission Critical Services as the primary pillars of the 5G revolution way back in 2016. Thus, Mobitel has been strategic and focused in its 5G journey and first demonstrated its 5G leadership with the demonstration of Massive IoT in 2017, this was followed by Mission Critical Services in 2018. With Friday’s pilot deployment of Enhanced Mobile Broadband (Mobility), Mobitel’s 5G revolution in South Asia is unparalleled and its strategic approach is now being proven to be correct and is on course for benefiting Sri Lanka.

Following the demonstration of 5G Speed tests using a commercial 5G smartphone for the first time in South Asia on 4th June 2019, Mobitel went on to achieve a new speed record of 1.55Gbps for South Asia, making a momentous landmark on the 5G deployment across the globe.

As a result of these mobile 5G speed achievements, Ookla, the global leader for speed test benchmarking has recognized Mobitel as the First Mobile 5G Network in South Asia, which is a proud achievement to all Sri Lankans.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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