Mobitel once again emerges as the ‘Best Engineering Organisation’ at Engineering Excellence Awards

Mobitel once again emerges as the ‘Best Engineering Organisation’ at Engineering Excellence Awards

At the Engineering Excellence awards hosted recently by the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL), Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel, the technology leader in mobile telephony in Sri Lanka, reemerged winner of the coveted “Best Engineering Organisation” in the category “Infrastructure – Service Sector”.

This is the second time that Mobitel won this award for excellence in engineering, presented by IESL in its biennial Enginnering Awards ceremony that recognises outstanding engineering achievements. Mobitel won this award in the year 2008 as well.

As the National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel has committed itself to delivering a superior service and mobile experience to its customers through cutting edge developments in engineering. The company was the first in South Asia to launch a high speed 3.5G HSPA network. This was followed by becoming first again in Sri Lanka to demonstrate HSPA+ MIMO, and in 2011, Mobitel yet again secured a place as first in the South Asian region to demonstrate 4G/LTE, exceeding speeds of 96 Mbps.

With a distinct reputation for service and quality through innovation and technology, Mobitel, is at present the lead mobile broadband provider in Sri Lanka and has lead the country in breaking new frontiers in the international ICT space using its technological prowess and advantage in the broadband front. The value of technology is greater if it can be used for the benefit of larger society, and fully appreciative of the role of technology in improving quality of life, Mobitel constantly strives to use its technology leadership towards adding value to its customers, be it quality, coverage, ease and breadth of use, affordability, convenience, scalability and futuristic appeal.

The Excellence in Engineering Award epitomizes Mobitel’s exceptional achievements encompassing effective capacity utilization, superior planning and execution, unparalleled operational excellence, technological prowess, service breadth, consistent quality, innovative strength and high standards in productivity.

IESL, the premier professional body for engineers of Sri Lanka prides a history of over 100 years and has a growing membership which at present covers almost all specialties in engineering. The biennial Engineering Excellence Awards of the IESL is primarily motivated to encourage and celebrate the excellence of the science and best practices of engineering by rewarding the best and finest of its members, individuals, organisations and companies for their outstanding accomplishments and achievements in engineering.

For Mobitel, the proud recipients of many awards and accolades in excellence, the IESL Excellence in Engineering Award is an important recognition of its drive to adopt and employ technology for the advancement of society. Mobitel is in the forefront of leading Sri Lanka towards an info com and knowledge rich society, and in its pursuit to reinvent and innovate for the future, Mobitel is at present transforming into a Next Generation Network, and this, it is confident, will influence Sri Lanka’s emergence into its next phase of ICT powered growth.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
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