Mobitel partners with Nations group to expand customer outreach

Mobitel partners with Nations group to expand customer outreach

Sri Lanka’s National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel, entered into a partnership with Nations Group, a leading direct marketing sales company, to expand its sales reach island-wide and increase penetration into new customer segments. Forging ahead with the mission to deliver convenient services to potential clients, Nations Group will offer door-to-door and advisory services on all Mobitel’s products and services, including Pre Paid, Post Paid and Broad band. Further, the partnership will deliver unique benefits to Sri Lankans, bringing in real-time activations for Mobitel products and services at their doorstep.  


Mobitel has built up a diverse distribution network by partnering with elite service providers as part of its ‘Go to Customer’ strategy. Its formidable distribution network encompasses partnerships with a vast spectrum of partners to ensure it remains within arm’s reach of its subscribers.


As per the terms of the new partnership, Nation’s direct marketing staff will receive thorough knowledge and training about all of Mobitel’s products and services. Mobitel’s direct marketing strategy will allow the marketing staff to promote its products and services directly to the customers, thereby helping build loyalty for the Mobitel brand while empowering them to experience the quality of the offering at their doorstep.


The service at their doorstep concept eliminates the need for customers to visit Mobitel branches while enabling marketing staff to promote products and services which would best suit the needs of the prospective user based on their lifestyle and communication needs. Apart from infusing convenience, Mobitel is confident the partnership will help drive sales and develop brand awareness. As a dynamic corporate entity, Mobitel is contributing towards the nation’s development by developing the ICT landscape through its service offerings and technology by bridging the digital divide. Built around the concept of customer centricity and the ‘Care’ promise, Mobitel keeps adding value to its offering in response to customer needs whilst maintaining its personal touch.


A market leader in the field of direct marketing, the Nations Group (Subsidiary of Granton) was founded in October 1995 and has expanded to a global network with operational offices in Canada, USA, Australia, Spain, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and the Gulf. The company encompasses an overall sales force of approximately 2,500 individuals attached to its merchandising, flyers, advertising, applications and cosmetics solutions providing specialized and tailor-made solutions for clientele; both local and global in the areas of telecommunications, electronics, 

Sheen Silva – General Manager/Marketing, Thilishiya Gayatri -Coordinator, Upali Samarakoon / CEO / Managing Director, Steven Hills / Vice President GCC Gulf, SEA, ISC, Chandika Vitharana – Senior General Manager, Sales and Channel Development, Mobitel, Rukshan De Silva- General Manager, New Market Development, Mobitel, Lalith Piyashantha – Manager, Alternative Channels, Mobitel. 

Nation’s Group Sales Team


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Tuesday, January 14, 2020
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