Mobitel powers ‘Battle of the Northern Blues’

Mobitel powers ‘Battle of the Northern Blues’


Mobitel, facilitated ‘The Battle of the Northern Blues’ as the Main Sponsor recently. ‘Battle of the Northern Blues’ is the greatest cricketing encounter played in the north between KMMV and Kilinochchi Hindu College (KHC). The two teams locked horns on a 2-day test match, where both teams displayed great skills and talent.  KHC won the toss and electing to bowl.  KMMV batsmen took to the crease, ending their innings after scoring 226/9 in 65.2 overs. Some of the scorers in the team were Jukenthiran who scored 70 runs in 136 balls (4*6); Kirishanth 48 runs 105 balls (4*3); Pirathap 31 runs off 56 balls (6*1); Thikshan - 24 runs off 13 balls (6*3); Abiraj - * 22 runs off 42 balls (6*1). The bowlers from K.H.C bowling demonstrated their prowess – with Babyshan taking 4 wickets 27.2 overs 76 runs; Thamilmaran 3 wicket 15 overs 60 run; Vinith 1 wicket 10 overs 34 runs; and Thamiliniyan 1 wicket 6 over 20 runs.

Taking on the chase, K.H.C scored 39/5 for 33 overs, with Lookerician scoring 12 runs from 100 balls (4*1); Komukilan scored 7 runs from 62 balls; and Babyshan 6 runs from 13 balls (4*1). KMMV bowlers really locked the KHC batsmen challenging them to score against KMMV’s bowling attack.

The Battle of the Northern Blues threw up some wonderful talent and solid performances. The Man of the match award was bestowed to KMMV’s Jukenthiran who scored 70 runs from 136 balls (4*6). He also bagged the Best Batsman of the match award. KHC’s Babyshan with 4 wickets 27.2 over and 76 runs walked away with the Best Bowler award while Best All rounder went to KMMV’s Thikshan with 24 runs off 13 balls (6*3) and 2 wickets in 10 overs and 9 runs.

Demonstrating quick reflexes through the match, the Best Fielder award was bagged by KHC’s Darshan who took two thrilling catches. The match was well attended by students, teachers, parents and cricket enthusiasts.

The Battle of the Northern Blues is marking its 10th consecutive year, supported strongly by Mobitel for the last two consecutive years. By supporting such events, Mobitel is empowering youth to access equal opportunities in sports across all levels while driving a generation of sporting talent in the country.

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Friday, November 1, 2019
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