Mobitel revolutionizes roaming with the launch of ‘Unlimited Data/Voice/SMS Roaming’ package for just US$10

Mobitel revolutionizes roaming with the launch of ‘Unlimited Data/Voice/SMS Roaming’ package for just US$10


Mobitel has come to be synonymous with innovation, always being the first to introduce innovative products in the market. Forging ahead in making the lives of customers simpler and more connected, Sri Lankan’s National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel, has launched yet another unique and innovative product to the market. An irresistible offer - ‘Unlimited Roaming Data, SMS & Voice for US$10’ and the first of its kind to be made available in Sri Lanka, this product is a boon for executives who travel frequently for work and need to make multiple calls to their family back home in Sri Lanka or to other parts of the world. Even though they may be travelling overseas, this new solution makes them feel like they have never left home because Mobitel gives the best and most affordable rates to connect with their loved ones as often as they want.

Many Sri Lankans are travelling abroad routinely to holiday in exotic foreign locations and love to record every experience on social media platforms. This highly affordable Unlimited Roaming Data, Voice and SMS package from Mobitel for as low as US$10 is a great value-for-money offer. Before this, hefty roaming charges made it difficult for Sri Lankans travelling abroad to stay in touch with home and family, while proving expensive at the same time. Mobitel’s Unlimited Roaming offer now ensures users can travel the world and remain connected at all times via data, voice or SMS whenever they need to, without worrying about having to pay astronomical bills. This package fulfils a long-felt need for an affordable mobile roaming package to make travel fun and worry-free.

Call 0714 555 555 for further information and for the list of selected countries where this package is valid. To activate, dial #999#


Released date: 
Wednesday, August 28, 2019
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